The procedures involved in Tooth Whitening in Essex

The procedures involved in Tooth Whitening in Essex

You come to know that one of your friends is in town and you have not seen him for a very long time. You are eager to meet this old buddy of yours and join him over a cup of coffee. That is when you hesitate and start asking your conscience as to how are you going to confront him with your discolored teeth. You are afraid of talking to him and smiling at him, and worst of all, you will not enjoy having a cup of coffee with him. This is the level of discomfort and embarrassment that one would undergo due to discoloration of the teeth. To address these needs you can avail of tooth whitening in Essex that has come as a blessing in disguise. This has helped a lot of people to smile with confidence once again and restored happiness in their lives.

Over the next few minutes we will look at the different existing techniques of tooth whitening in Essex. We will also be looking at any side effects that might be caused due to the tooth whitening in Essex procedure. Predominantly, the tooth whitening in Essex treatment is used for the removal of stains that could be caused either due to the excess consumption of coffee or discoloration that has happened due to age or the use of antibiotics. The discoloration of the teeth can occur to a great degree or extent depending on any one of the reasons mentioned above. The different types of tooth whitening in Essex procedures are the In-Office laser tooth whitening and the At-Home Tooth whitening. In the In-Office laser tooth whitening process a gel is applied on the discolored teeth and laser light of amicable strength is applied to accelerate the process of tooth whitening. It is important to note that this process of whitening should take place only under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist. However, the process of At-Home tooth whitening involves the setting up of a teeth tray according to the alignment of the teeth. Once this is done a whitening gel is placed into the tray and fit back onto the teeth. This process can be done at home however it is much more costly than the process of In-Office laser tooth whitening.

One of the major disadvantages of tooth whitening in Essex treatment is the use of gel. When it comes in contact with the gums it might cause some ill effects. When this gel is applied in excess than what is required it can also result in the excessive bleeding of the gums. It is always important that both the above mentioned procedures are performed by a skilled cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry has taken the use of technology and medicine to the next level which now ensures that the patients smile with confidence again.


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