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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry?

It is a simple question but one that is worth asking- what exactly is cosmetic dentistry? The name implies something frivolous or unnecessary. However the results of this service are potentially life changing.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

A cosmetic dentist can be several things-

A medical professional- A cosmetic dentist can still offer the benefits to overall oral health that a regular dentist can offer. While they may specialise in making your teeth look good the basics that keep them looking good do not get overlooked.
An artist- A lot of cosmetic dentists often have an interest in art as well. This often helps when constructing veneers or whitening teeth. It is about creating something that looks good but is also fit for purpose.
A part of a team- A lot of services will require a number of specialists. Therefore a cosmetic dentist may at times be a designer, an architect and a consultant as well as someone making sure your teeth are healthy.

Isn’t this a bit superficial?

It can be tempting to think in these simple terms. We are often encouraged to view the world in terms of “It’s what’s inside that counts.” While this is certainly true and we should all strive to be better people in emotional terms looks can affect confidence and can prevent people achieving things they want to.

Take a simple example- you have a big job interview coming up. You want to create a good impression. You could have the best qualifications in the world, the relevant experience and be their ideal candidate. However if you come to the interview dressed in tracksuit bottoms with yellow teeth and bad breath it is unlikely you will get the job.

Looking after yourself is not self obsessive or vain. It shows that you care and projects a positive image. This in turn can then allow you to show off what you want the world to see.

Won’t you simply try and flog the most expensive service?

Any decent cosmetic dentist will make the effort to find out about their client and give them the service that is appropriate to their individual needs. Everyone is different and therefore some services may not be suited to their personal requirements. For example if you have a child under the age of 9 certain brands of braces are not appropriate.

This is why we offer free consultations. This allows us to talk with you about what you want and what we can do to help you achieve that.

In short cosmetic dentistry is about more than keeping teeth looking good. It is about long term oral health and increasing self confidence. Book an appointment with us today to see what we can do for you! Just call 01375481000 and you will be surprised what we can do for you!