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Choosing the right Mouthwash!

Choosing the right mouthwash

There are a lot of things that people can use to keep their mouth clean. An effective toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and so forth can all make a difference. One thing that is commonly purchased is mouthwash. But how can you be sure that you have got the right one? Choosing the right mouthwash will not only keep your breath smelling nice but can also aid in reducing plaque build up and maintaining good oral health.

What are the main benefits of using mouthwash?

There are a number of benefits mainly-

Fresher breath that is better for you than mints and does not require putting gum in the bin
Reduced bacteria
Reduced risk of gum disease
Fluoride mouthwashes help reduce plaque and tartar build up

What difference does my choice of mouthwash make?

It can be overwhelming seeing the range of mouthwashes available. All of them make big claims on their effectiveness and it is not always easy to compare them.

The type you choose depends on the ingredients it contains. Fluoride mouthwashes strengthen the enamel of your teeth. However these are mainly recommended for people who suffer from conditions such as cavities and severe dryness of the mouth (also known as xerostomia)

For regular use the best kinds are anti-plaque or anti-gingivitis (gum disease). The main reason that these are effective is that they kill the bacteria that causes both bad breath and damage to the teeth.

Remember that some mouthwashes contain alcohol and therefore may not be suitable for children younger than six years old.

Is mouthwash a good substitute for flossing?

It is generally recommended that you use mouthwash alongside other oral health treatments such as flossing and regular brushing. Given that people often speed through brushing teeth it is a good idea to do this at points in the day when you are not brushing your teeth as an extra anti-bacterial boost to your oral health!

I’m still not sure what mouthwash is right for me. Can I ask my dentist?

If you look on the label to see if it is antiseptic or antibacterial this is often the good sign of a mouthwash that can do its job. It is also worth looking for stamps of approval from recognised authorities to show that this is more than just something to given your breath a freshen up!

However if you are still unsure it is well worth discussing choosing the right mouthwash with your dentist. They will know your oral health better than anyone and will be able to recommend the most suitable type for your individual needs.

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