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Achieve Permanent Sparkling White Teeth with Kor Whitening

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Achieve Permanent Sparkling White Teeth with Kor Whitening

With Kor Whitening, any person will achieve whiter and more radiant-looking teeth. This bleaching system removes teeth stains, stubborn dirt and yellowish color, while the oxygen absorption of teeth is restored. Whitening agents used in this technique are fresh, strong and effective. Therefore, the expected bleaching results of clients are achieved by practitioners.
The system undergoes two levels of treatment. The first one is called a home whitening remedy, while the other one is the Kor deep bleaching. The first procedure includes customized teeth tray with 16% strong Carbamide Peroxide solution (whitening gel) that ensures six hours and more of active bleaching. This will be followed by a dental clinic procedure that involves a 34% strong Hydremide Peroxide solution.
Kor Whitening is a dental technology known as “KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching” developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy. This teeth treatment lasts permanently if continuously maintained at home. Also, products that are applied to whiten teeth have undergone expert studies and are clinically proven to be safe. There are no issues related to bleeding gums, harms to teeth, and poisoning linked to this technology.
The discomfort related to teeth whitening has been a concern for some patients. Due to this, Dr. Kurthy also developed a gel that will be applied during the process to lessen pain or sensitivity of clients. As a result, worries are eliminated and patients will no longer be afraid to undergo teeth whitening.
In this type of dental treatment, whiter results are more achieved by those patients who are in their younger years usually fourteen, but older people may still get satisfying results. This is due to the system’s rejuvenating ability that transforms old and yellowish teeth to their youthful glow. With this type of bleaching, teeth become sixteen shades lighter or even more.
For people who are sensitive with whitening agents, but are really interested in making their teeth sparkling white, Kor Whitening is the most recommended means to make this possible. This system works by molding the patient’s unique teeth trays. These are trays that are thin and fitting which allow clients to be comfortable even when sleeping or while doing daily tasks. With these trays, bleach is sealed inside and avoids gel from leaking to the client’s mouth. The final session will be completed in the Dentist’s clinic. This treatment is not one of the most affordable whitening technologies available in the market today, but Dr. Kurthy believes that clients will be more than satisfied.


Deep Bleaching Gives You A Super Bright Smile!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Deep Bleaching teeth is a technique to give you extreme tooth whitening that takes a certain period of time ie it is not an instant fix! It takes a certain amount of commitment on your behalf that will ultimately give you a dazzling white smile.

During the first dental appointment, impressions are taken and then sent to a highly specialised laboratory who make transparent , comfortable and especially self sealing so you dont have to worry about them falling out of your mouth during the night.

We advise you to wear them for at least for 14 nights straight until you see us again at our dental office.

These trays have small chambers or reservoirs pouches beside each tooth to catch and hold excess whitening gel thru the night.

The first 2 weeks may not give you the ideal result to start with but what you must understand is that you are getting oxygen into the teeth via the enamel before your final dental office visit.

You will still have to use the deep bleaching trays after the visit to give you the ultimate bright white smile in essex!