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Cosmetic Treatments Available In Essex

People often dream about being able to afford makeovers, plastic surgery and so forth. It is often something people say they will do “when they win the lottery.” The thing is that a lot of the treatments you can have to improve your self confidence do not require multiple millions and with the cosmetic treatments available in Essex you can get your makeover at a surprising affordable price!

Below are a few examples of the treatments available to you.

Tooth whitening

Yes there are toothpastes and home kits that offer whitening. However the toothpastes offer a limited amount of whitening and you need to be very careful with home based kits, both in terms of making sure they are genuine and (more importantly) safe.

Professional teeth whitening will be done with your oral health in mind so can be both safer and more effective. They can also offer advice on how to improve your oral health so that you can ensure stains do not undo their good work!

Non Surgical Face Lifts

Yes you did read that correctly! You do not need surgery in order to get a facelift. With professionally administered injections of botox you can smooth out wrinkles on the face. While often thought of as something that works on the forehead, it equally works on smoothing out lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the midsection of the face too.

Dermal fillers

These are used to restore plumpness in the skin. This is often especially useful for older people as the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin fall, creating dryness and increasing the appearances of lines and wrinkles. The process is very safe and painless, so you can be assured you will get gain without pain!




Skin tends to dry out as it gets older. One way of restoring it is by using a gel filler called Juvederm. This product is particularly effective at smoothing out wrinkles and last for up to a year!

Find out more

Every client is different and an experienced cosmetic practitioner will be sensitive to any concerns. They can also discuss any potential risks or side effects, although these are often quite minimal. You can also use this time to find out about their experience and the feedback they have received from other clients.

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