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The Benefit Of Cosmetic Dental In Essex

There is often the thought that cosmetic dental treatments are something exclusive. It sounds like something only available to movie stars and celebrities. However you do not necessarily have to be a superstar to afford cosmetic dental in Essex!

How does cosmetic dentistry differ from normal dentistry?

The crucial thing to realise is that the professionals who do cosmetic dental treatments do the same type of examinations as a “normal” dentist. It is not just about making people look good they still work hard to ensure that anyone getting a treatment can maintain effective oral health.



What type of treatments are available?

You have probably heard of teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. These are ideal in making teeth look whiter and more presentable. What you may not know is that adult braces can be used to reshape the mouth while dental implants can be used to fill in missing teeth and prevent mouth muscles from sagging.

Often a combination of treatments may yield the most effective results and it is worth talking with the cosmetic dentist to see what will work best for you in the long term.

I get nervous going to the dentist. How can I get over this?

Fear of the dentist is a common thing and the person who understands this most is…the dentist!

Simply put if you are worried then talk to them and they will tell you about how the treatments will work, their qualifications and so forth. An initial consultation is your opportunity to find out more and get the information you need to make the right choice.

Can I get any treatment?

Some treatments will be restricted in terms of age and oral health. Lifestyle choices can also have an effect such as smoking (especially since smoking discolours the teeth and therefore will negate treatments designed to whiten the teeth).

While budget may be an issue you need to consider long term costs (for example paying for adhesives for dentures, more visits when getting cheaper adult braces etc).

I’m not sure if I want to pay for treatment. Can I talk to them first?

A professional cosmetic dentist should not pressure you or make you feel obliged to get treatment. A free initial consultation allows the dentist to give you advice and make recommendations but it is still your choice. This consultation also allows the dentist to look at you and make recommendations based on your individual circumstances.

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