Snap Smile – Superb Smile Minus the Wait

Snap Smile – Superb Smile Minus the Wait

Many people want to have a snap smile; however, it is not possible because getting dental treatments is expensive and takes a long time to accomplish it. Because of this, most people would rather maintain their teeth even if these are unpleasant to the eyes. Good thing, Snap on Smile is a great innovative dental cosmetic tool to create perfect smiles in an instant.

Snap on Smile is an elastic dental appliance that can be placed directly on the set of teeth to create an illusion of perfect teeth when smiling. Even if the patient has misaligned, uneven or gapping teeth, these dental appliances will make the teeth appear straight and full without an indication that it is a fake. There is no need for the dentist to drill, scrape or cement some parts of the teeth because a patient can easily snap it on and off in an instant. Every patient can choose from 18 sets of teeth designs and 23 teeth shades so they can get unique Snap on Smiles suited to their appearance.

Snap on Smile
is made from resin which is a durable and strain-resistant material. It can easily fit contours of the teeth and even if you smoke or drink a cup of black coffee or a glass of red wine, these will not strain the dental appliance easily. It thickness could range from 0.5mm to 1mm and because it is elastic, it can even cover teeth with dental restorations such as veneers and crowns.

It is also recommended to clean the Snap on Smiles regularly after meals and before bedtime to ensure dental hygiene and make these last for a longer period of time. To clean Snap on Smiles, a user has to use a soft toothbrush and anti-bacterial gels and brush these inside and outside. It is not recommended to use toothpaste as a cleaning agent because it can cause the resin to lose its luster, making the Snap on Smile unnatural. A patient should not wear these in their sleep unless the dentist told him to.

Snap on Smile can cost $1,000 and more for a single arch depending on the patient’s dental problem and cosmetic solution. Not all Snap on Smiles are suited for every one, because people with serious cavity problems, metal braces and many missing teeth have to stick to the right dental solution before using these dental appliances. Patients have to consult the dentist first before getting these.

Getting the perfect smile is now made easy with Snap on Smiles.


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