10 things to know before you having Sedation by a Dentist in Essex

10 things to know before you having Sedation by a Dentist in Essex

The option of sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who have dental phobias, those who need dental work in large amounts and those who would prefer sleeping through their dental appointment. But sedation as a tool is very powerful. You would not want to trust just anyone when it comes to your safety. Here are 10 things to know before you have sedation by a dentist in Essex. These guidelines would help you in choosing the right dental practitioner.

• Check the credentials of the doctor – Unlike other specialties in dentistry (orthodontics, oral surgery, etc.) the Dental Association of America does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as specialty but cosmetic dentists could get accreditation from the American Cosmetic Dentistry Academy. They should also have a license from the dental board of the state.
• Investigate training of the doctor – The best practitioners of cosmetic dentistry didn’t only attend the dental school. These experts also underwent extensive postgraduate training programs, concentrating specifically on issues related to cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, they also participate in continuing education programs regularly in order to stay informed on new materials and procedures.
• Start with consultation – The best way of learning more about dentists and their dental practice is to go for consultations. These are usually inexpensive. Sometimes, they are even given for free. Speak to your dentist before committing to anything. You have to keep in mind that it is your responsibility to make educated decision.
• Seek experience in smile design – Cosmetic dentistry could be looked upon as science as well as art. Generally, if a dentist has designed a lot of smiles, their work would be better. Designing a smile is not just about the teeth. Dentists have to consider the lips, mouth shape, facial structure and gum line as well.
• Communication is the key – It is very important that you talk to the dentist and they listen to all you have to say. There has to be ongoing dialogue if it is the question of individual long term treatment plan. In case you feel rushed, pressured or bullied, then that dentist is not right for you.
• Ask for before-and-after photos – Before you come to a decision go through the portfolio of the dentist. Pay special attention to the cases same as yours. See to it that the photographs are of the actual work performed by the cosmetic dentist and not stock photos.
• Do not pay too little or too much – Many dentists charge exorbitant fees by promoting themselves as renowned high-end celebrity dentists claiming to offer Hollywood smile restorations. Others try making up for shoddy work and poor materials by offering very low prices. Be wary of the extremes.
• Honest dentists set realistic expectations – Look out for dentists who promise a lot more than what they are capable of delivering. Your dentist should be able to tell you what can possibly be done to change your smile. They should be able to tell you the amount of time the process would take, what you would be required to do as well as the possibility of the occurrence of any complications.
• Technology is the in thing, however it is not everything – A dentist who uses latest state-of-the-art equipment is bound to be familiar with modern techniques. However this does not mean that you should be dazzled by the fancy tools of dentist. What is important is that the dentist should know the way to use the tools properly.
• A lab technician who is good is a priceless asset – Dentists decide on treatment plans. However, lab technicians actually fabricate porcelain crowns or veneers that grace your brand new smile. All great dentists tend to be proud of lab technicians who work for them and materials they work on.


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