How to find a Invisalign dentist in Essex?

How to find a Invisalign dentist in Essex?

If are interested in How to find a Invisalign dentist in Essex you want straighter teeth and you do not want your mouth full of metal braces there is a solution for you. Dr. Basrai is pleased to offer you the Invisalign system that is guaranteed to get your teeth straightened with minimal discomfort. The great thing about Invisalign is that people will hardly notice them. This is in contrast to metal braces which can be seen when you smile or open your mouth to talk.
During your first visit, if you want to know how to find an Invisalign dentist in Essex they will take an impression of your teeth. By using state of the art 3D technology, the dentist is able to provide you with custom made aligners that will straighten your teeth. After about two weeks you will receive your set of aligners. After every two weeks, you will get a new set of aligners. The duration for this treatment is about one year. The benefits of Invisalign are that it is first of all almost undetectable while in your mouth; this is in contrast to metal braces which can be seen when you smile or talk. These aligners will also not draw any attention to your mouth. These are also removable meaning that you can enjoy your meal, brush or floss your teeth without anything coming in your way. They are also comfortable unlike metal braces and they do not cause any irritation.
There is also the benefit of a Virtual Treatment Plan if you follow how to find an Invisalign dentist in Essex in which Invisalign creates a 3D image of your teeth so that the doctor can create a customized treatment plan for you. You are also able to see the effects of the treatment even before it starts. The process of this treatment takes approximately one year. After six to eight weeks, you will need to have your Invisalign progress checked at the dentist’s office. During those visits you will be instructed on when to switch to a new set of aligners. If you need straighter teeth without the look and feel of metal braces you are a good candidate for Invisalign.
These clear aligners will help to correct teeth that are widely spaced or overcrowded. More complex procedures to correct dental issues like under-bites or overbites can be corrected using this procedure. The cost of this treatment costs as much as what you will pay for traditional braces. This is not including the fact that they are almost undetectable and comfortable at the same time. You will get a specific estimate when you visit your dentist for an initial examination of your teeth. You cannot get this kind of treatment from just any doctor. Doctors and dentists interested in providing these services need to undergo training before they can be able to provide treatment. One such dentist is Dr. Basrai who has completed the necessary training to offer aligners at Smile and Face Dental Studios @ Chafford Hundred Dental Care. If you are interested in Invisalign and you live in Essex Give us a call on 01375481000. To schedule an appointment because you are interested in How to find an Invisalign dentist in Essex with this doctor you may contact us through our website.


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