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Inman aligner is a popular method of straightening teeth which is a brain child of Don Inman. The treatment was first pioneered in Dental Elegance in Kent UK, and since then, the technology has quickly gone to many other parts of the world, where it is replacing some of the traditional methods of straightening teeth such as the Invisalign and fixed braces. The method works using the forces that are brought about by the coil which is positioned at the back of the teeth together with a bar that is placed in front of the teeth and they both slowly push your teeth to the position you desire them to be. This will then give you the confident smile you require when your teeth finally straightens.

For the one decade that the Inman Aligner appliances have been used, they have shown great success and currently in a month, more than 450 patients in the United States are referred to this method. It works well in even the extremely crooked teeth though it may not be the best in treating teeth that are crowd. The method is becoming more preferred by many patients as it takes a short while. Within 6 to about 16 weeks you will have your teeth returned to the position you want. This is quite rapid as opposed to the other methods which take longer.

If you are afraid of the pain involved, the process has no pain at all and you will only suffer from some little discomfort for the first one week. In addition to that, your speech will be slightly impaired for the first two weeks and after that, everything will go back to normal. In addition to that, you will also salivate a little more and experience some difficulties is swallowing for the first few days. You will be expected to wear the Inman Aligner appliances for at least 20 hours for quick results and if you wear it for a lesser time it only means you will take longer to straighten your teeth. During eating and cleaning of your teeth, you should remove the aligner and replace it back once you are through.

There are a number of appliances used in the Inman Aligner treatment. The appliances are benefiting from great designs which ensure that they quickly correct Adult Relapse. They will also correct the cross bites, misaligned teeth and some flared anterior. The first type of the appliance is the Inman Aligner Standard which is designed for correction of the mandibular incisal. The Labial and Lingual coil parts help in correcting the crowding and the anterior rotations. The other type of the aligner is the Invisible Inman which has a marriage between the Lingual active component and the invisible retainer.

If you don’t want a wire in front your teeth as well as something that is very aesthetic, you will be better off with the Clear Bow Inman Aligner. The With Bow aligner will be important in camouflaging the wire without denying you the chance to use hard clear acrylic. It is though not very aesthetic though it is inexpensive. The last type is the Laser Tubes which is the latest and most authentic. You need to try this one out.

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