Facts about the Much Appraised Inman Aligner Treatment

Crooked teeth are a big challenge to many people and various methods have so far been tried out. Recently there was a new addition which is quickly revolutionizing the Cosmetic Dentistry treatment; the Inman Aligner. It is a wonderful, easy and stress free way of straightening your teeth. The appliances used have been designed to affect your speech for the least time possible which is normally less than two week duration and you will be able to speak well again. In addition to that, they have been designed and pre-programmed in such a way that you will not visit the doctor frequently. It is the best orthodontic treatment you should go for if you are already an adult. You will avoid longer treatments like the invisible braces which you will have to use for up to three years.

Examining Inman Aligner treatment in details, it comes with several advantages. First of all, it is the best alternative to the invisible braces and it works in an amazing way. Most of the cosmetic dentists are seeing it as the link between the cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic. It will quickly get your teeth straight and you will be smiling freely within a period of less than 16 weeks even for the worse case. If your case is a slight one, within a month, your teeth will be straight. Shorter treatment periods of course come with the additional incentive of them being cheaper as compared to other orthodontic treatments. You will save a lot if you resulted to this method.

Although the veneers are quite important in aligning your teeth especially discolored and mis-shapen teeth, you will still require the Inman Aligner to quickly get your teeth straight before you can start using the veneers. This will benefit you as it will save the total cost and time you would have taken instead. Most dentists are now terming these aligners as the greatest invention that the cosmetic dentistry has seen since the invention of the porcelain veneer. The other advantages of going for the aligner includes the fact that, it allows you to use just the one appliance unlike other methods where you will be required to change from one type to another. You can remove it as replace it back easily without seeking for help from a professional.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages that are associated with the Inman Aligner treatments. First of all, you will be required to have strong jaw bones, excellent gum and teeth condition. If that is not the case, you will be advised not to use this method of aligning your teeth. People with weak jaw bones, sensitive gums especially those who suffer from bleeding gum disease and such conditions cannot use the method.

Other than that, the Inman Aligner appliances may be very uncomfortable especially for the first instances you start using them, though this usually subsides as you get used to them. The pain could be unbearable and some patient end up not liking the treatment. Finally, if you happen to want to align your side teeth the method cannot be used as it is used for the front lower and upper teeth only.
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