Tips For Choosing Tooth Implants Essex

Cosmetic dentistry offers a range of options to help improve your smile. The problem is if you have a tooth missing or chipped it can not only affect you physically but also emotionally. It can be subconscious so that you are not aware that you are not smiling but it can affect how people perceive you. Therefore treatments such as tooth implants Essex are not only good for improving your look but also improve your self confidence.

What is a dental tooth implant?

Simply put this is a tooth sized wedge of titanium placed into the tooth socket where the tooth would normally be. If the dentist can get it placed in there fast enough it can be fused with the root and pretty soon it will feel like you have a normal tooth there.

Why would I want dental tooth implants?

  • Replace missing or chipped teeth- creates a more consistent look.
  • Helps keep crowns, dentures and bridges secure.
  • Prevent sagging- missing teeth can result in bone deterioration and the muscles sagging.
  • Easy to look after- Can be brushed and cleaned like regular teeth!
  • A more long term alternative to dentures

Is the process painful?

The process takes place under local anaesthetic so the actual procedure itself is painless. Some people complain of jaw aches afterwards but this should subside a few hours after treatment.

How long does the process take?

During the process the dentist has to bond the implant to the jawline so this will take time. It takes between three to six months. During this time temporary teeth are put in place so that once the implant is put in it will be placed there permanently.



What should I look for when choosing a cosmetic dentist for this procedure?

The best cosmetic dentists will be prepared to talk with you and discuss your options before beginning any treatment. Every patient is different and the best clinics will do scans and carefully check your oral health before deciding if an implant is appropriate.

An initial consultation period is also a good opportunity for you to find out more about what the cosmetic dentist has to offer and how long they have been working on the procedures. Some people can feel quite nervous about the process and this is a good way to demystify it and alleviate any concerns.

If you would like to know more about tooth implants Essex or any other type of cosmetic dental procedure contact Dr Basrai  01375 481000 to schedule a Free consultation.


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