Essex based cosmetic dentist Dr. J Basrai has begun to offer 6 Month Smiles braces as one of the range of cosmetic treatments available at his clinic in Grays, Essex.
The 6 Months Smiles cosmetic dentistry treatment was original introduced in the U.S by leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Swain. It became especially popular with people who could neither afford to have cosmetic dental work done, or disliked the fact that conventional cosmetic dentistry can be a long process.
The 6 Month Smiles treatment differs from other forms of cosmetic dentistry by solely focusing upon the teeth which make up a person’s smile. By using special braces which are coloured to match teeth, most people find that crooked teeth, or gaps between teeth have been corrected within 6 months.
One of the major benefits of the 6 Month Smile technique is that there is no need for the patient to wear ugly metal braces whilst their smile is being repaired. The revolutionary 6 Month Smile braces resemble real teeth. After approximately 6 months, these braces will be removed and normal retainers will be put in place to stop teeth reverting to their original position.
Although the 6 Month Smiles technique is popular in the U.S, adoption of the treatment in the UK has been quite slow up until now, but this is all set to change.
Dr. Basrai is one of the first UK based cosmetic dentists to adopt the 6 Month Smiles technique in the UK. Dr. Basrai enthuses by saying, “I am really very excited to be able to offer this incredibly effective treatment to my patients. So many people are dissuaded from taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry by the cost, and the fact it can take a long time for treatments to have a significantly noticeable effect. The 6 Months Smile treatment sidesteps both of these limitations, making it far more accessible. Everyone has a fantastic smile hiding away somewhere; this new technique to the UK will undoubtedly uncover many of them.”
People who are interested in learning more about the 6 Months Smile treatment, or who would like to arrange for an initial consultation to help discern whether 6 Months Smiles is right for them, should contact Dr. Basrai’s clinic.


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