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The 6 Month Smile UK

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The 6 Month Smile UK

Ever wonder how certain celebrities and TV personalities go from having crooked teeth to perfect ones within the span of a few months? You might think that it is all due to the magic of veneers but this is not always the case. Not a lot of people are aware of it but there is a dental procedure available out there that is guaranteed to give people better smiles within 6 months! This procedure is what’s often referred to as the 6 month smile UK. Basically, it is a new type of braces but instead of the old fashioned metal ones that you commonly see, these ones are clear therefore allowing you to smile as freely as you want to without broadcasting to the world that you are getting your teeth fixed. By the time you’re done, people would be wondering about how it all happened.

These braces are made up of nickel titanium wires that safely and securely move your teeth towards the right position in order to properly align them. Unlike traditional braces, it makes use of a lesser amount of force which means that there is also a lesser amount of pain and discomfort. Also, it works in a much quicker fashion. Within 6 months, you would be able to show off the great improvements that it has done with your teeth. Do keep in mind, however, that there would be a short period wherein you’ll have to wear a retainer in order to keep your teeth from moving backwards. Of course, these retainers can be removed during the day if you want to.

So, what are the merits of using this instead of your traditional braces? Well, besides the fact that it works much quicker, it is also less distracting for most people. After all, not everyone is keen on having obvious metal devices inside their mouths. This is especially the case if they are working in an environment wherein they would have to constantly interact with people. Since the 6 month smile device is clear, you need not worry about people noticing it too much or pointing it out. Needless to say, it is as discreet as things can get.

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