What is the Six Month Smiles Treatment all About?

What the Six Month Smiles treatment all about ?

We often come across people who try covering their mouths when they talk or eat with the fear of being criticized for the alignment of their teeth. We have known of friends who want to have a charming smile but do not rush to cosmetic surgeon thinking about the cost that it would entail. We have encountered others who feel disappointed and depressed with the way their teeth look. And needless to say, the teeth happen to be the most visible part of the face when we talk, eat or converse. Well, the answer for these problems has come and it is the six month smiles treatment. The six month smiles treatment involves the cosmetic alignment of the teeth and ensures that little force is applied in the movement of the teeth to the desired location. This treatment is now widely used across different sections of the society and age groups. A very cost effective way of getting a charming smile that you have always dreamed off is now possible.

One of the key components which make the six month smiles so effective is the usage of nickel titanium wires with the primary focus being on moving your teeth to the desired shape and location. The usage of titanium is important as it has the quality of regaining its original shape irrespective of the deformity of shape that it has undergone thereby fostering the movement of the teeth as desired. Another very interesting and noteworthy fact is that the braces and wires used in the six month smiles treatment come in tooth colored invisible forms which ensure that your colleagues or friends will never come to know that you are using braces and you can flaunt gorgeous teeth that you always wanted. This is possible with the application of braces behind the teeth, wherein it takes the current shape that the setting of the teeth is in following which the inherent property of it being able to push the teeth to retain its original shape results in the alignment of the teeth as desired. The six month smiles treatment focuses on the improving the cosmetic nature of the teeth alignment rather than enhancing the bite of the teeth. So, the force that is applied to align the teeth is not too high but is only moderate. This has been historically proven through a number of orthodontic documentation that it is only with the application of moderate or low force that the movement of the teeth to the desired location is promoted and that is exactly what the Six month smiles treatment does.

For using the six month smiles treatment you should be above the age of 15 and aware of the fact that this treatment focuses on adding a cosmetic touch to your teeth alignment rather than the bite of the teeth. With all the advantages citied above, this treatment is quickly gaining prominence and is enjoying wide spread acceptance across all sections of the society.

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