How do 6 month Smiles Work?

How do 6 month Smiles work?

Many dental braces will take more than a year to work. However, with the 6 month Smiles Brace it can take on average from 4 to 9 months to get your teeth cosmetically straight and aligned.

The 6 month Smiles uses Nickel Titanium wire to straighten the front 6 teeth and move them into their correct positions. These special wires have a memory that even when you twist or flex them, they will want to resort back to their original shape and form. Hence, once these wires are placed on tooth coloured brackets which are smaller than standard metal brackets, your front teeth will follow the tooth wire due to its inherent memory.

Because the 6 month Smiles does not work on the entire mouth like conventional metal braces, the time taken to align the teeth is considerably shortened!

With severe cases, it may take up to 9 months to straighten ones’s teeth.

Also. with any type of Brace , a patient’s mouth may get a few ulcers which heal very quickly with special wax that allows healing to take place. Your speech may be affected temporarily as well.

However, the 6 month Smiles brace is a useful tool for anyone who is thinking about getting their teeth straight in the shortest space of time.

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