The Hollywood Smile in Essex by Dr J Basrai

The Hollywood Smile is the ideal most patients want when they come to our dental office in Essex. But what is a Hollywood Smile ? Well, people want those Angelina Jolie Lips which drape the very white teeth that block out the darkness in the back of the mouth like Cheryl Cole- this black space is often called the Buccal Corridor!

The tips of the top teeth follow the line of the lower lip coming within a millimeter of contact.

The central incisors should be like identical twins and the most prominent with the neighbouring teeth appearing sequentially smaller from the front teeth. This is known as the golden proportion so that each tooth looks one sixteenth smaller than the adjacent tooth.

Men have square teeth to give them a masculine look whereas women should have rounder teeth to give them more of a feminine look.

The teeth should look symmetrical on both sides in terms of its colour , shape and position so that the midline to the face looks ideal!

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