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You can get Same Day Dentistry in Essex

Monday, May 13th, 2013

There are a number of things that put people off going to the dentist. Some people are nervous of drills, others just find the waiting before treatment worrying. One of the biggest concerns is the amount of time it takes to get a treatment. With Same Day Dentistry in Essex you can enjoy the benefit of cosmetic dental treatment while still being able to carry on with your day.

What treatments can be done in one day?

You would be surprised what can be done in the space of a day. Technology has advanced to such an extent that some treatments that would previously have taken several operations now only require one. Below are a few examples of treatments that can be done on the same day.

  • Tooth contouring- If you have uneven teeth this is a good way of smoothing them out. The good thing about this process is that you can clear out the chips or overly pointy teeth that may stick out. In most cases this can be done in a single visit!
  • Implants- It is possible to get some same day implants. The reason this can be done quicker is due to more advanced techniques.
  • Professional cleaning- It is important to visit the dentist at least once every six months. As well as cosmetic treatments we can also offer advice on dental hygiene and deep cleaning to ensure optimum oral health.

Surely doing it quicker results in loss of quality?

It is easy to be cynical and suggest that being able to do treatments quickly is as a result of cutting corners. With improved technology and more advanced techniques you can be sure that you are getting the treatment you need in the quickest possible time!

Will it be more expensive?

In simple terms no. With a lot of cosmetic dental treatments the major expense comes from having to return for numerous checkups and appointments. A lot of same day treatments are guaranteed to not require this so you can leave the dentist confident that you will not have to come back until your next checkup!

I get nervous before I go to the dentist. Is there anything you can do to help?

For a lot of people the fear before going to the dentist is often a lot worse than the procedure itself. Dentists are often happy to discuss their work with you and will work hard to demystify the process and keep you informed. This is why it is often a good idea to book a consultation before you even consider a treatment so you can prepare yourself mentally and get over any nervousness.



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Same Day Dentistry in Essex

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Same Day Dentistry Comes To Essex!

Remember when you had to wait a week before you had to pick up your holiday photos? Or how about when you have to wait for ages to get those new glasses or pick up your prescription? For a lot of people going to the dentist is something they want to spend as little time doing as possible. As Same Day Dentistry comes to Essex, your teeth can get properly looked after in as short a time as possible!

How does same day dentistry work?

Recent changes in dental procedures have allowed for increased efficiency. For example dental implants used to require 6 to 10 implants, making the procedure take longer and requiring more visits to the dentist. More recently dentists have been using installation techniques that only require 4 installed implants placed at a 30 to 45 degree angle, allowing people to go to the dentist and get their implants installed on the same day without loss of quality care and service.

Surely speeding up procedures reduces their quality?

This is not true. For example recently developed same day dental implant techniques have an over 90 per cent success rate so you can be confident that you will still get efficient service and effective treatment.

I get nervous going to the dentist. Will you help me?

Same day service does not mean skimping on the basics. A good dental surgery will ensure that you get the service you need. Talking with the dentist and their team will reassure you that they are people and they will do all they can to relax you prior to the treatment.

Is this a one size fits all treatment?

There is the fear that this could result in uniform treatments or cutting corners. A quality dentist will not do this. Prior consultations are thorough and a certified dentist will always check to ensure that you are getting the appropriate treatment to ensure you get the best care for your teeth!

It is also worth remembering that the technology used for dental procedures has improved. This means that while it may take less time the quality will be maintained for the simple fact that the equipment and techniques used are more efficient, thus reducing the time taken to complete procedures while not compromising quality.

How can I be sure this is right for me?

Before any procedure begins it is worth discussing your treatment with your dentist. They can look at your personal circumstances, oral health and so forth in order to decide whether or not a procedure is appropriate and ensure you get the right treatment you need, regardless of how long it takes.

In short by going to the right dentist you could go in at nine in the morning and be out ready to get back to your daily routine by 2pm. Get in touch now to find out what your cosmetic dentist can do for you!

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