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Dental Implants to Replace a Single Tooth in Essex

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Dental Implants to Replace a Single Tooth in Essex

If you are an individual who has lost several teeth, you will be required to get a set of dentures which is considered to be the most workable replacement option. However, if you lose a single tooth, there are several options readily available that you can use and you will be require to have a clear-cut in order to make the right decision. Single replacement of tooth comes in various options and will vary greatly when it comes to cost, look and the procedure use. One perfect option is dental implants to replace a single tooth in Essex. Keep reading to learn more.
Dental implants to replace a single tooth in Essex are the best options when it comes to patients having dental problems that are either aesthetic or functional. Here, a single tooth is replaced to a complete arch construction and this in turn helps in the restoration of a natural smile and at the same time improves the patient’s self-esteem and comfort.
When it comes to dental implants to replace a single tooth in Essex, there is a procedure that is used in order to make the implantation worthwhile. A person who does the work is known as a dental implant and all he does is to use a titanium screw to secure a fresh crown perfectly into the jawbone. The best thing about this kind of implant is that, it does not at any time harm the teeth that are surrounding the missing tooth. This means that all the abutment teeth will survive as required. Additionally, there is lower risk involved and higher success rate achieved with this kind of procedure.
In order for dental implants to be successful and securely supported, there are some things that need to be adhered to. These include the following:
A patient’s gums, bones and general health must be healthy since surgical procedure is involved.
It is a must for the patient to have a will of practicing consistent oral hygiene in order to keep the gum tissues free from any diseases or infections.
If a patient lacks the above, it may not be possible enough for the surgical dentist to go ahead with the procedure without administering additional treatment to the patient.
Dental implants that are used to replace a single tooth in Essex will greatly be determined by some factors. This factors in short influences how much money a patient is supposed to pay once the treatment has successfully be administered.
Firstly, the type of implant a patient ought to receive will determine the cost of the procedure.
The level that the dentist who is to administer the treatment will also influence how much money will be paid for the procedure.
The stages that will be involved in administering the procedure will determine the overall cost.
The procedure involves a team effort which entails of different general dentists working together with each making emphasis on each step of the procedure. For instance, one dentist may take the responsibility of performing an implant surgery while the rest will help in inserting a crown on top of the implant. It is for this reason that the cost of implants will tend to differ greatly as well.


Mini Dental Implants in Essex – Restorative Dental Treatment

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Mini dental implants in Essex are a wonderful solution for people who need to replace a tooth or teeth as the case may be. Have you lost a tooth and need to get a replacement? Maybe you are not too fond of the concept of dentures? Pay your dentist a visit and ask about mini dental implants after you have boned up on the information in this article. You will be well informed and able to ask intelligent questions to know whether it is the best option for you.

How do we define mini dental implants in Essex? It is best described as the replacement of a lost tooth with a tooth that is as close as possible to the original. These implants are approximately 1.8-2.4 mm in diameter and provide immediate stabilization of a dental prosthetic. The implant is inserted through minimally invasive surgery and is very useful in cases where traditional implants are very unsuitable or impractical. Further, the mini implants in Essex are designed to minimize tissue and bone damage. The healing time period is also quite short.

If you choose to have mini dental implants in Essex, you can be sure the procedure will be performed in a dental implant center using the best materials available. Further you will be benefited by superior quality dentistry as well.

Mini dental implants in Essex use titanium alloys to serve as the base for the tooth that is implanted and the material used for crowns and abutment is also very expensive. This is an expensive procedure but well worth the expense when you are able to smile beautifully again.

Before you can begin your mini dental implants in Essex procedure your dentist will first perform some tests, take x-rays and scans to assess bone density and the condition of your gums, tissues, etc. This process will also enable the dentist to ensure he knows which teeth need treatment; you don’t want to end up having the wrong teeth done!

There are some reasons why a dentist may refuse to perform mini dental implants in Essex for a patient, they include:

– Teeth in poor condition

– Prevalent gum disease

– Bad breath

– Abscesses

– Excessive smoking and alcohol intake will only slow the healing process down and the patient will have to abstain in order for the procedure to be done

– Auto immune diseases, chemotherapy, diabetes and hypertension

– Pregnancy and breastfeeding

There are many people who are terrified of pain and there is nothing to be ashamed of in that. You can rest assured the mini dental implants in Essex procedure is approximately 45-60 minutes and performed under anesthesia. There will be minimal discomfort when the effects of the anesthetic wear off, however it is not unusual or cause for concern. You will be having an invasive surgery so pain is to be expected; however, you will be given pain relief medication and you need to take a few precautions until the area has healed.

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