Snap on Smiles

The Snap on Smiles allows a patient to change their lives in an instant and can be used for any age. It is ideal for anyone who dreads seeing the dentist due the injections or drilling sounds and for those who just want their teeth to function better. The whole process is quick and absolutely painless.

What is the Snap on Smile?

The Snap on Smile is a patented, removeable custom appliance requiring no prepping, no injections and no adhesives because it simply snaps over a patients natural teeth. It is a completely non invasive option and is easily taken out of a patients mouth and the whole procedure is completely reversible.

The Snap on Smile has 4 Main Applications

1. It can teach a patient what it would feel like to open their bite – like a Test Run before having a major bite change with definitive restorations like crowns, bridges or veneers.

2.Removable Cosmetic Partial Denture to replace gaps and spaces in your arch.

3.Implant temporary Restoration. As a Stop Gap for about 3 to 4 months before an Implant is placed.

4.Cosmetic Smile Enhancement.

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