A Snap on Smile Can Change Your Life in an Instant

A Snap on Smile Can Change your Life in an Instant!

A Snap on Smile is a Device with many dental uses. It involves no drilling, no removal of enamel from your teeth and best of all no Injections.
Due to the fact that no natural tooth substance is removed – the whole procedure is reversible. The Snap on Smile just simply fits over your existing teeth and is held intact purely from the natural curvature of your teeth.

It can be used in a number of instances from a cosmetic smile makeover, to a partial denture or even as an implant temporary. The Snap on Smile can also be used as a training aid to increase or open your bite before any major full mouth rejuvenation. To do the latter one would make the Snap on Smile with no Holes in the back of the mouth.

The Snap on Smile comes in many different shades from Hollywood White to Normal bleached white so that a patient can either match their existing teeth or go for a complete colour enhancement. The Choice is really yours.

As an Implant temporary, the Snap on Smile can either be made in one quadrant or cover the entire arch. This depends upon how many teeth are being replaced with dental implants.

The Snap on Smile is very easy to keep clean and maintained because it does not stain from foodstuffs like curries, wine, blackcurrents, etc.. It will not biologically degrade thru time via salvia degradtion. All our patients receive a specialized cleaning solution which helps to keep the Snap on Smile clean within 15 mins.

Call Dr J Basrai on 01375481000 for a Free Consultation on a Snap on Smile and see if we can change your Life in an Instant 🙂


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