Invisible orthodontic braces for a beautiful smile!

Invisible orthodontic braces for a beautiful smile

Orthodontics is a way of moving teeth and straightening them; to enhance their appearance and function. It helps the teeth, gums and jaws in long run by spreading the pressure of biting evenly throughout the teeth. It helps in moving teeth in a more manageable position, enhancing aesthetics and making the cleaning easier and oral hygiene better. Teeth are repositioned with the use of braces. Treatment depends from individual to individual. People these days are opting for Invisible Orthodontic Braces. In some patients prominent front teeth can stick out and are damaged which require orthodontic treatment to align them. In some people the upper and the lower jaws do not meet correctly and lead to incorrect bite. Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for children but in adults also it can be used to bite more evenly. The dentist carries out full dental examination and check up including examination of your teeth; taking X- Ray of your teeth; making plaster models and then discuss the treatment process.
In Invisible Orthodontic Braces arch wires and tieless brackets are used to move teeth faster and comfortably with best facial results. A passive slide mechanism is used to maintain arch wires in brackets, giving them enough space to move freely. It reduces binding and friction which helps your teeth to move comfortably and quickly. They are invisible braces; more discrete and resistant to discoloration and resistant to staining. It is a quick process and takes at least six months less than the traditional braces.
Orthodontic problems are of various types:
• Over crowding
• Deep over bite
• Open bite
• Upper protruding teeth or over jet
• Lower protruding jaws or under bite
• Cross bite
• Spaces in between teeth
Signs of early orthodontic treatments:
• Mouth breathing
• Difficulty in biting or chewing
• Early or late falling of baby teeth
• The jaws and teeth are not proportionate as compared to the rest of the face.
• Teeth bite is abnormal or does not meet properly
• Biting the roof of the mouth or the cheek
• Jaws that shift and make sound
• Teeth are crowded, misplaced or blocked
Advantages of Invisible Orthodontic Braces:
• It results in wider, fuller and beautiful smile.
• It gives better aesthetics and facial balance.
• The narrow lines look more inviting and fuller because of the smooth cheek contours.
• The dark triangles near the corner of the mouth also lessen.
• The teeth look less crowded, less crooked and straighten up.
• It gives a more youthful look with improved profiles.
• It lowers the risk of accidents because of the protruded upper front teeth.
• It corrects oral habits which can prove harmful.
• It is easy to clean.
• It requires few visits.
• There is no speech problem.
Invisible Orthodontic Braces helps in giving a beautiful smile in less than 6 months. Therefore it is the best method to cure dental problems and gain a confident outlook. It helps in giving you a confident smile making your teeth straight and flawless in less time. There are a variety of braces available; it depends on the individual choice to opt for any kind of treatment even though the most popular one is with metal brackets, arch wires and elastics.


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