6 Month Braces

Six Month Braces To Give You The Smile and Confidence You Need!

People often say that it takes fewer muscles to smile then it does to frown. The problem is some people may find their smile makes them feel self conscious, possibly due to crooked or spaced teeth. One way to achieve this is to get the right six month braces to give you the smile and confidence you need!

But braces are for kids, right?

It depends on the type. While people commonly associate braces with kids and getting their teeth corrected there are also braces that can be used for cosmetic dentistry, helping people to straighten their teeth. Age is not necessarily an issue with people getting treatment from age 50 and upwards!

Don’t braces need to be put on for two or three years?

In previous times dental braces did indeed need to be put in for two or three years and this was necessary in order to ensure the teeth were properly aligned. They also restricted the amount you could eat, making it harder to chew and digest as well as causing speech problems as people tried to garble through the metal.

These “train track” type braces are becoming more a thing of the past as new models are more discreet, with white ceramic and clear models becoming much harder to detect but also a lot more comfortable than older models.

I don’t want people to know I’m wearing braces. What can you do to keep them hidden?

Put very simply the braces we use utilise wires that match the colour of your teeth. This means that unless someone is looking very closely it is unlikely they will be able to spot what you are wearing on your teeth. There is also the added benefit that you will not have them in as long as you would with two or three year braces.

How can you make sure this works?

The metal titanium wire used in the braces is perfectly safe and has shown to be safer than equivalent products on the market due to its specially designed features. Once you have removed the braces your teeth should be properly aligned. Provided that you listen to your dentist and do the after care that they tell you to do your teeth should maintain their new straightness so you no longer need to fear sudden photo opportunities!

Are they expensive?

In actual fact six month braces are cheaper than both the older two to three year models as well as the newer detachable braces. Given that you are wearing them for a shorter period of time you are also less likely to need more refittings or adjustments in that time.

How will I know if six month braces are right for me?

Before you get your braces fitted we will book you in for a consultation. This means we can have a look and see how your teeth are shaped and whether braces are appropriate for your dental treatment.

In short come along and see us and we will find the braces to help give you that winning smile!


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