The procedure involved in fitting Invisalign Braces in Essex

The procedure involved in fitting Invisalign Braces in Essex

Are you fed up of wearing metal braces that attract a lot of attentions amongst your friends and colleagues? Do you experience severe pain when talking or chewing food or do you find cleaning and maintaining metal braces extremely time consuming and difficult? Then the answer to all these problems is the use of invisalign braces in Essex. This is a method of teeth correction that is gaining prominence and has the unique advantage of ensuring that correction is done but with minimal pain. Invisalign braces in Essex are clear transparent braces that come as fabricated trays that can go onto a row of teeth and assist in their correction. The very fact that these braces are transparent is what makes this treatment so popular.

The invisalign braces in Essex treatment for the correction of teeth does not suit everyone. It depends upon how crocked the teeth are and also how bad the bite is. This sort of treatment is for those who do not have a severe bite problem but only need to have their teeth straightened. If you either have a severe bite problem or very bad crooked teeth then the treatment of invisalign braces in Essex is not right for you. The doctor initially conducts an x -ray and radiography of the mouth to understand the teeth structure that exists. Once done he maps the desired location of the teeth structure and attempts to manufacture a transparent tray like object that can slide over your teeth. The disadvantage with the fabrication of this tray is that it takes around 6 – 7 weeks for it to be manufactured. This treatment might not be the one stop solution for all dentistry issues that you might have. Even after the usage of the invisalign braces in Essex you might end up having to use traditional braces for a longer period of time. The invisalign braces in Essex is a treatment that is sometimes more costlier than the cost that is incurred in procuring traditional braces. It has been historically proven that the success rate of teeth correction through the use of invisalign braces in Essex has been excellent. In this method, you will not experience the problem of jaw pain as no force is applied on the gums of the teeth which is not the case with the usage of traditional braces. The orthodontist has very little control over the creation of the tray. He only sends in a sample of how the teeth structure should look like to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is responsible for a defect in the tray the patient needs to wait for another 6 more weeks before another set arrives.

The usage of invisalign braces in Essex has help to get back the confidence of those who have had to face a number of embarrassing moments due to the usage of traditional braces. These braces being practically invisible are “the” option to look out for.


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