A Complete Guide On How To Clean Your Invisalign Brace

When you first get your Invisalign braces, they are sparkling clean and arrive in factory sealed boxes. It is a considerable task to keep them clean, fresh and new looking everyday by avoiding any possible discoloration or any bad odor. The following is a guide on how to clean your Invisalign Brace and to keep it ever fresh.

First the Cleaning Process:

Your Invisalign arrives individually in small and sealed packets while it comes from the factory. Though it has gone through extensive inspection, sterilization and cleaning process, it is found that in some cases a whit chalky residue is settled over the aligners. So it is necessary that you do a complete cleaning of your aligner before you insert it onto your mouth. This will prevent you from any type of allergic reaction due this residue.

In Between Meal Cleaning Process:

When you remove your aligners before a meal, make sure that you wash it fully under running water. Then place it in a glass of water. This will prevent any type of residual coat to form over the aligner. This will also prevent any unpleasant odor.

Once you are done eating, pick up your aligner and clean it under running water with a soft toothbrush. This will remove the residues from your previous wear, if any. If brushing is not possible, rinse properly under running water and brush it later on when you have proper facilities.

Extensive Cleaning Methods:

While the above two processes on ‘how to clean your Invisalign Brace guide’ are daily norms, there are extensive cleaning processes available that need to be followed. A thorough cleaning of your Invisalign aligner is needed at least once a day.

First, each and every individual teeth segment has to be cleaned gently with a soft toothbrush under running water. Any white residue on the aligner has to be removed carefully because this residue will give rise to unpleasant odors. Don’t use toothpaste over your aligners as this may cause some scratches over it. These scratches will act as breeding grounds for bacteria apart from giving a bad look. So avoid making any type of scratches.

Also make sure that you wash your aligner in cold water. Hot water can cause the plastic to warp and melt. Place your aligner in the sterilizing solution once a day.

Care for Invisalign Cases:

Your Invisalign aligners will arrive in a red and blue case when you get them from the factory. Use them to store the aligners, when not in use. These cases are very useful but at the same time can get dirty very easily. If you store an aligner that is not properly cleaned, then a very strong bad odor will start getting generated from the case. So it is necessary to clean the case periodically too. Clean your case in the same way as your aligner, using a toothbrush under running water. Here you can use a bit of detergent or washing powder if required.

This guide will help you to keep your aligners clean, fresh and as new as possible.


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