Spring Aligners in London

Spring Aligners in London

Spring aligners in London are also known as “wonder braces”. They are used to correct misaligned teeth, wide-ranging anterior problems as well as instances of cross-bite as they are excellent pieces of equipment for moving the upper and lower frontal teeth to desired position in 8 – 12 weeks. They are much fast as compared to conventional brace systems. Spring aligners use gentle constant pressure in order to ease the in-line so that you have a great smile.

The spring aligner has very small springs of nickel titanium called lingual-coil spring. This puts pressure on inside part of teeth. The pressure is opposed by labial bar, which is a thin bar of plastic that sits across front of teeth. It pushes against the pressure and creates the effect of squeezing on the front portion of teeth. The pulling and pushing forces result in the alignment of front teeth with time. Though the equipment creates effect of squeezing on teeth, the occurrence of any kind of dental movement remains in probable area of movement of the tooth.
Spring aligners are available in four versions. One of them is standard aligner. The white-bow aligner has white coloring (clear hard acrylic) that camouflages its presence. Clear-bow aligner lacks the slim plastic bar that runs across front of teeth. Invisible aligner comprises of transparent retainer and lingual active component for strong effect. The invisible Inman and clear-bow aligner offers an aesthetic look.
Let us look at the advantages of spring aligners.
The orthodontic treatment involving spring aligners is among the most practical procedures available today. The equipment is removable. Hence it is ideal when you wish to clean it or eat. Spring aligners could be used along with the veneer treatment as well. In cases where the teeth are uneven and discolored patients could make use of the system of correcting their teeth before getting veneers installed.
The treatment involving spring aligners could take 6 – 16 weeks. The treatment time is faster as compared to conventional brace systems. Treatment time also depends on the frequency of usage of spring aligner during course of treatment. Orthodontists recommend wearing spring aligners for at least 20 hours every day over course of treatment for optimum results.
Spring aligners procedure require checkups of 15 minutes every fortnight as compared to regular sessions of the more involved kind that is required for tightening standard braces. Hence the former treatment is more convenient.
Here are the disadvantages of spring aligners.
It is of no use to patients who have heavily cramped teeth. It can be used for aligning just the frontal teeth. When spring aligner is used for the first time, the patient might feel slight discomfort as speech could be affected. Speech could remain irregular for a couple of weeks at the most after the initial use. There could be uncontrolled dribbling or salivation. Minor discomfort would begin subsiding some days after the use of the aligners. After one week, even the minor pain that might have existed would subside. Regular and mild orthodontic forces that are created as a result of its use would be fairly trouble free. The dentist might advise intake of mild painkillers such as paracetamol, if necessary, during the initial phase of use.

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