NTI -TSS for the treatment of headaches !

40 million people in America suffer from headaches. If you are one of them, it is possible that you might find relief from the pain in a dental chair. Surprised? Are you thinking how migraine headaches and dentistry could be related? Then read on to know all about NTI-TSS for the treatment of headaches.

When tension and stress make people clench jaws, the outcome could be excruciating pain in shoulders, neck and head. Dentists have found that a tiny plastic device that could be worn over front two teeth (unlike night guards and bite plates) could break cycle of stress induced jaw clenching.

This device is known as NTI-TSS or Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibitor – Tension Suppression System. It has been approved by FDA for treating headaches more than 6 years ago. Once the dentist installs NTI to the teeth, you have to wear it in the night in order to help lessen intense contractions of muscles of the jaw and scalp that could cause jaw pain and migraines.

Research has proved that patients using the NTI experience reduction in intensity of clenching of jaw by nearly 66%. These individuals also see significant reduction in frequency and number of headaches. The NTI causes incisors or front teeth to be constantly in contact. This prevents other pearly whites from touching.  

Theory behind NTI is people who suffer from migraines have trigeminal nerves that are hyperactive. The nerves are present on either part of head, they supply muscles of the jaw and in individuals with migraine, their hyperactivity leads to jaw clenching, particularly at night. Resulting tension in muscle and pain could then cause migraines. NTI-TSS for the treatment of headaches prevents the teeth at back of jaw from coming in contact. This totally prevents bruxism or clenching. You could try this yourself. Touch your teeth at the front together. It is physically not possible to clench the jaw at same time.

As NTI is worn over front teeth, the simple device does not let back teeth meet; hence you cannot clench the teeth together. Conventional night guards that are shaped like horseshoes only prevent teeth from being worn down by one another. They are unable to prevent clenching. While such appliances are vital where applications exist, regular nighttime clenchers would fail to get relief from symptoms they face.

Research presented recently in London reported that by 4th week of nocturnal use of the NTI-TSS for the treatment of headaches device, almost 75% showed significant improvements in HIT-6 scores. By 2nd month, all the HIT-6 scores had become stable.

After 7 months of continuous nocturnal use of the NTI device 50% showed substantial improvement in quality of lives. Half of them reported that their migraines did not have any effect on the way they lived any longer. 65% of the positive responders reported 1250% growth in mornings free of headaches every week (Pre NTI – 5/week and Post NTI – 0.4/week). You would find more data on this research at NTI site.

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