Cosmetic Dentistry and Valentines Day!

Cosmetic Dentistry can seriously affect your love life especially as Valentines Day is coming . If you feel embarassed to smile or even kiss your partner this Valentines Day due to Bad breath or an Ugly Smile , then give us a call to give a Smile Makeover before you get a Kiss Off from your partner.

Why Wait? From the simplest technique to Whitening your teeth , or having the deep stains removed from your teeth due to tea , coffee or smoking then lets get your love life into gear!

Dont let cost be a hindrance or deterrent to you having the smile of your life as we have the facility to offer you interest free options. Hence, no more excuses!

I dont have the time i hear you say!!

We can offer you a weekend appointment so working hours is no longer an issue!

Give us a call on 01375481000 Now for a Valentines Free Consultation when you have read this Blog!

See you soon- Minus the Red Rose Please! Chocolates always welcome.


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