10 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist in Essex!

There are 12 Questions you should ask any Cosmetic Dentist in Essex which you can gladly print off this Blog and take to the Office.

1. What are all the various options available to me with regards to my treatment?
2.Are there any compromises that i will have to face with my treatment?
3. Could you give me an idea of the what the end result will look like before i start my treatment?
4. Can i see pictures or videos of patients you have treated before?
5.How long will these fillings, crowns, bridges, Veneers or Dentures last and what guarantees do you give?
6.Do you really believe that you are the best Cosmetic dentist in Essex for the job?
7.Do you offer payment options like interest free facilties?
8.What kind of dental and home maintenance will i need?
9.How closely will the restorations match my natural teeth?
10.Do i need to wear a Night Guard or change my eating habits?

Always trust your sixth sense or your instinct!


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