Laser Tooth Whitening in Essex- Everything you needed to know!

Laser Tooth Whitening In Essex – Everything You Need To Know

Teeth that are stained or discolored are a bigger problem than people actually realize. There are many people who have problems with their teeth and as a result they are ashamed to smile. Because of this reluctance to smile they are portrayed as unapproachable or not very friendly. Bad teeth can cause us to be friendless and alone and this can lead to depression and other problems.

Enough of the bad news, we have plenty already! Let us hear what the good news is. Laser tooth whitening in Essex is a really good option to rid your self of bad teeth and gift yourself a brighter and whiter smile. No more being embarrassed to smile, you can grin as broadly as you want after the procedure.

Why do we end up with stained or discolored teeth? We can end up with stained teeth due to smoking – nicotine cause staining of the teeth; excessive consumption of tea and coffee – the caffeine causes staining; certain foods like berries cause staining; red wine causes staining
Stained or discolored teeth are a major problem for many people. We all start out with beautiful, white teeth but over time, our teeth begin to discolor as a result of many factors. These factors include tea or coffee drinking, food especially curries and nicotine stains as a result of smoking. Other factors include age, genetics and medication.
Staining of the teeth occurs on 3 levels: surface level; deep rooted and inherited stains. For the surface level staining you can use one of the better tooth whitening toothpastes available to get rid of the stains. Alternatively your dentist will polish the teeth to remove staining.
Deep rooted stains are a result of our personal lifestyle habits of eating, drinking, smoking, drugging, etc. These stains will not be removable with simple toothpaste or polishing solutions. You will need laser tooth whitening in Essex to help get rid of these stains.
The inherited stains may be treated with laser tooth whitening in Essex; however there is no guarantee that it will work and veneers or cosmetic bonding may be the best solution.
Laser tooth whitening in Essex is one of the latest and most superior tooth whitening technologies available today. It is a very safe and highly effective way of ridding your teeth of stains and discoloration. The treatment is rather painless and easy to undergo. You will need at best a one hour session with your dentist.
Laser tooth whitening in Essex starts with an appointment with your dentist. The doctor will first clean your teeth thoroughly to remove all debris and food particles, which can hinder the cleaning process. Then the lips and gums are covered with protective shields so that the chemicals cannot harm them. The whitening gel is applied (painted) on the teeth and the laser is activated to focus on the bleaching gel.

The gel is a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide based, pH balanced one that will lighten teeth up to as much as 10 shades depending on the condition of the teeth at the start of the procedure. The laser light activates the chemicals in the gel to start the whitening process.


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