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What Is A ClinCheck – A Complete Know How Guide About This Software

Friday, June 11th, 2010

If you want to acquire that perfect smile and have a sparkling set of straight teeth, Invisalign is your answer. This is a set of plastic aligners that are easy to handle, comfortable and has clear trays. And another advantage of Invisalign is that you get see the results even before you decide to spend your money and time on the project. This is where ClinCheck comes into picture. Now the question is “What is a ClinCheck?”

ClinCheck is software developed for the Invisalign treatment so that the doctors can plan the treatment for their patients. This is actually a simulation of the movement of the teeth from the initial position to the desired straight position as required by the patient. Each movement from aligner to aligner is shown along which include even a miniscule movement of the teeth that is planned for the patient during the treatment. ClinCheck shows this in a 3D atmosphere and you can view the teeth development from any direction which you prefer. If you prefer, you can also form a movie, from the initial stage to the end stage, by connecting the film of the string of movements and progress of your teeth.

Invisalign – ClinCheck Consultation process:

Fix an appointment with your local orthodontist so thought he can assess if you are a possible candidate for Invisalign. This will be called your Smile consultation appointment. The dentist will do a complete check on your teeth and your smile to figure out if you have proper conditions for an Invisalign treatment.

Then the doctor will take the necessary records of your smile consultation like teeth impressions, x-rays and the required photographs. Then after a week’s time, you will get a short movie animation from ClinCheck and how you can be treated using Invisalign.

This ClinCheck process allows you to visually asses your progress and you can also request for any modifications if you prefer so. The following are the resources available with ClinCheck software.

Invisalign ClinCheck 2.8 User Guide

This user guide is for you to understand the ClinCheck software and has detailed instructions of all the Invisalign products. This has a listing of advanced review tools, along with the basic review, acceptance and modification tools.

Quick Start Guide: Invisalign ClinCheck Review and Communication Tips

This gives you simple instructions on how to use Invisalign Full and Express so that you can review the ClinCheck. When you need some modifications to be made, this guide will help you with a set of guidelines. This quick start guide will help you get the desired position you want for your teeth.

Quick Start Guide: Invisalign Assist ClinCheck Review

If you want to review your ClinCheck file using the Invisalign assist, then you are advised to follow this guide. It also has images to help you understand the interface in a better way.

Once the ClinCheck images are shown to you, you can decide on whether to continue with the treatment or not, based on how long the treatment will take, and what your financial budget may be.