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Sub Q Can Make You Look Younger – The Fastest Way to Look Younger

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Sub Q Can Make You Look Younger – The Fastest Way to Look Younger

Sub Q means subcutaneous. This refers to any treatments that are given under the skin. Injections are an example and they are administered beneath the skin where there is the fatty tissue. They can be done anywhere even at home. All that is required is to follow the simple injection rules. People who are bothered by acne, wrinkles, scars, hair growth, and other cosmetic problems can go for the Sub Q. This treatment if followed improves the skin appearance making it look smoother and younger. Big scars cannot easily be treated using creams or ointments. Medical operations can be very expensive and are not affordable for everyone. These treatments are cheaper; therefore, more affordable. If you doubt, try it today. You will realize that actually sub Q make can you look younger.
Now that, sub Q can make you look younger, there are things you should know in order to use it. If you are using injections, ensure that your hands are cleaned properly or you could use gloves. Put together the required syringes and medication. In cases where medications are in powder form, you may require to dilute with the given fluids. It is important to check labels to make sure it is the right medication. Most medications come with instructions and they should be followed. This reduces the risks of overdosing. Most of these treatments have very little or even no side effects.
Botox and disport are examples of sub Q treatments that are used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Insulin syringes are used because they are more accurate. It may require dilution with saline so that the desired concentration is achieved. After correct preparation, the dose is injected on the affected area. The dose is mostly administered in milliliters. Incisions can also be used to reduce acne and the appearance of scars. These are hard to treat using the normal ointments. Fibrous bands make the area look very dry. Incisions guarantee that medication will reach these brands unlike creams that do not reach them directly. Are you tired looking older than you are? Sub Q can make you younger. Try it today.
Sub Q treatment involves the use of anesthesia around the scar site. A needle is then inserted on the scar site. The needle edge is directed to the scar and to the fibrous bands. The needle is specially made so that it does not interfere and make other incisions where they are not needed. It then cuts around the bands. This does not cause bleeding, as it does not interfere with the blood capillaries. If the scar was large, the cutting reduces its appearance. Any other developing scar tissue is completely removed. Bruising is also very much reduced and swelling outside is minimal. This way, sub Q can make you younger.
Sub Q treatment using the incision process heals very fast. The maximum time it takes is one week. No precautions are given after the treatment and no side effects are observed. It is advised to seek the advice of a cosmetic specialist before going for this type of treatment. Treatments administered for scars, wrinkles, lines and acne on the face are several; therefore, offering options for those who wish to have them done.


Chin Augmentation with Sub Q

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Faces that Glow- Chin Augmentation with Sub Q

Sub Q In Essex

Aging is a definite eventuality. The skin is the first casualty of the aging process losing volume and tone due to the reducing the levels of collagen, elastin and fat. The skin becomes thinner and largely pigmented. The facial skin more so the chin and cheek take the major blows. The usual treatments such as facials and wholesome diet can only do so much in managing the lost volume and tone. When it comes to restoring the skin to its former glory, medical intervention may just be the right path to take. Chin augmentation with sub Q comes in handy to restore volume in the chin and cheek. So, what exactly is chin augmentation?

Sub Q Injection sites for Chin Augmentation.

Traditionally, chin augmentation involved a surgical procedure to enhance the size of the chin by either inserting an implant, moving or reshaping bones. Nowadays, this process need not be surgical. Chin augmentation using sub Q has become quite popular. Sub Q is a formulation of naturally found hyaluronic acid. This formulation is injected beneath the skin’s fat layer giving the chin an instant natural look. This in effect improves the contours of the lower face. Using sub Q in the cheek gives the mid face a lift, which makes a whole lot of difference to the general facial appearance.
As chin augmentation with sub Q involves deep injections into the skin, a local aesthetic bock is highly recommended by doctors, although some patients may prefer to use topical anesthetic gels. For those who are looking to medically enhance their facial look, be sure to first consult your doctor so as to discuss the expectations and therefore, determine the right procedure for you.
Surgery is performed in the hospital or a doctor’s clinic for those who choose to go the traditional way. An x-ray of the chin has to be taken to determine the part to be worked on. Most of the time, chin augmentation is done concurrently with a nose job and liposuction. In both procedures, the face is balanced by making the chin longer as compared to the nose. Before you opt for either the surgery or chin augmentation with sub Q, be sure to know the risks and complications involved. Poor cosmetic jobs may result in unpleasant scarring, fluid collection under the skin and irregular contours. If you are a smoker, the substance nicotine can delay healing especially after surgery.
After the procedure, you will feel some discomfort and soreness which your doctor can ease by prescribing some medication. Depending on the type of procedure you had, you may feel some numbness and stretching of the skin around your chin for sometime – maximum a week with the swelling gone by six weeks. For those who had a surgery, the scar under the chin should not be noticeable. As for the implants, they last a lifetime. However, those made from bone and fat tissue taken from your body may be reabsorbed. The final appearance in surgical procedures might not be seen for about three months as the swelling might persist for months. As for chin augmentation with sub Q, the effects last in excess of a year. Sub Q offers a safe and predictable way to treat facial volume loss as opposed to the permanently surgical chin implants. This leaves you in control of how you look.