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What is Juvederm in Essex?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

What is Juvederm in Essex?

Juvederm in Essex
has become the most preferred choice for those who want to get rid of wrinkles on their lips and nose instantly. Dermal fillers like Juvederm in Essex are gaining prominence day by day in field of cosmetic surgery. Dermal fillers play a key role in getting the lost charm and freshness back on the face. They have the capability to restructure the look of an individual and ensure that they have a look of confidence on their face. It is very important to note that when one chooses to exercise the option of resorting to dermal fillers he/she should take the opinion of a doctor to ensure that their skin is right for the application of such a drug. When certain skin types are not adaptable to such a drug it might lead to severe inflammation and bruising which can take weeks to heal.

Let us first take a look at what causes wrinkles to be formed on the skin and understand the role that Juvederm in Essex plays in giving the face a complete lift. Young and healthy looking skin of any individual contains a hydrating substance called hyaluronic acid which provides enough moisturize to the skin to give it sufficient volume and thus not have any wrinkles. However, with age and exposure to the sun the content of this acid decreases thereby causing the unwanted facial wrinkles which are cause for concern for those who would like to have a charming look always. Juvederm in Essex is capable of restoring this lost acidic substance back into the layers of the skin and hence is one of the most sought after dermal fillers that exist. Juvederm thus brings back the lost volume to the skin and ensures that the patient gets back the youthful look that he/she always wanted to have. One of the most noteworthy points with regards to the application of Juvederm in Essex is that it is completely a non surgical procedure to. Through a series of injections this substance is introduced in the dermis. This ensures that it provides the skin with the required moisture thereby also providing the required volume to have that young look back again. Another very interesting aspect of having this dermal filler applied onto the skin is that its effects last on the skin for a period of one year. This is a significant achievement in the face of its competitors as most of the latter offer the outcome of the application of their injections to last for a period of six to eight months.

Juvederm in Essex has always been the dark horse in the field of dermal fillers and has ensured that it delivers the commitment of being able to rejuvenate the looks that one is eager to achieve. Juvederm in Essex has the distinction of being the most durable product as the results that it shows can last for an extended period of time and is unmatched by other products.


Dermal Fillers in Essex for Acne Scars

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Dermal Fillers in Essex for Acne Scars

Everyone hates Acne! The Scars that they leave behind are even worse. They are the real Bane of anyone’s life. Nobody wants to go out with these scars as they affect you emotionally as well as physically. You are constantly reminded of them when you see yourself in the mirror.

Well, Dr Basrai and His team at Chaffford Hundred Dental Care in Essex can use Dermal Fillers in Essex like Restylane or Juvederm to alleviate these blemishes on your face.

The technique of using dermal fillers for Acne scars is that the filler is injected into the areas where your acne scars are so that the hylauronic acid will raise the surface of the crater resulting in a more smoother look.

This Non Surgical approach is a very simple and fast procedure that will improve your skin texture.

A combination therapy with Chemical Peels may also be used.

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We have also introduced a Face Plan for Clients who would like to have additional treatments with us at a fixed monthly cost. Check out the Video Below!


Juvederm in Essex

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

At Chafford Hundred Dental Care, we have introduced a new Fantastic dermal Filler in the heart of our dental offices called Juvederm which has been described in the press as ‘ Natural Beauty without Surgery ‘.
Juvederm provides immediate, natural and long lasting results which has been used in the field of facial beauty .

Juvederm softly lifts and smoothes targeted areas of the face like the nose to lip lines- Nasolabial Folds and the Marionette lines around the corners of the mouth and to plump out your lips.

Juvederm is composed from Hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our cells and hence it is a safe dermal filler because it emulates
an already natural substance in the body.

You can see the results immediately after correct injection techniques are employed by our dentists.

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