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Enlighten Tooth Whitening in Essex

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Enlighten Tooth Whitening in Essex

Colored or dull teeth can be a menace to one’s confidence. For decades now, people have tirelessly tried to develop teeth whitening solutions in order to boost the confidence of those suffering the problem of dull or colored teeth. Now, there are various procedures available with cosmetic dentists trying all they can to solve the issue. There is no doubt that millions of people suffering from dull and colored teeth have tried the procedural dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing, but the problem is persistent. Enlighten tooth whitening in Essex is one of the leading solutions to this social menace.

The enlighten tooth whitening is not only popular in the United States and Australia but also in the United Kingdom. Enlighten tooth whitening in Essex is popular for whitening colored and dulled teeth. It does not matter how much one’s teeth are stained or discolored. The procedure is done to leave the teeth at their whitest possible. The resultant color is as white as natural teeth, with a tone cosmetic dentists call B1. It does not matter how much colored one’s teeth have become. The method works with 100% proven results. Many people in Essex are opting for the method to improve their public image to which the smile contributes a lot.
The method of Enlighten tooth whitening in Essex makes use of special trays that are fitted on the teeth that are colored or dull. A whitening gel is also useful with these devices. The trays are worn by the individuals so that the whitening gel can keep close contact with the dull or colored teeth. The aim of these trays is also to ensure that the user’s saliva does not interfere with the whitening process. This is why saliva has an effect on the action of the whitening gel, and can either prolong the time of achieving whitened teeth or completely render the gel ineffective.
Dentists who perform the enlighten tooth whitening in Essex advertise their services adequately so that one can find their services easily. Qualified cosmetic dentists explain to the client the whole procedure before commencing the treatment. The Essex dentist takes the mould of the patient’s teeth so that they can make the right braces for them. This is important for the tray to fit tight on the teeth to enhance maximum contact between the teeth and the whitening gel that is used.
Although Enlighten tooth whitening in Essex can promise the best results in a short time, you should show some commitment on your side to achieve the whitest teeth you have always desired. As soon as the dentist makes the fitting trays and dresses your teeth, your part begins. You will wear the trays each night for a consecutive fourteen nights in order to whiten the colored or dull teeth. Wearing the trays without gel does not promise any positive results. To whiten the teeth and have some comfort in the mouth, one needs to ensure that they use the gel provided every time they wear the tray.


Dental Teeth Whitening in Essex

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Most people love the idea of having a dazzling bright smile. In current economic times patients are not only looking to change the shape of their teeth but also their colour.
You may like the look of your teeth but having a dull looking smile will make you less confident and less likely to look attractive.
The most common causes of tooth disclouration is due to foods like Indian curries and Chinese foods ,nicotine stains from smoking, Drinks like from Tea or Coffee due to Tanin .

Over time the enamel on your tooth starts to crack like crazing paving and extrinsic stains can get into these areas to make your teeth more discoloured and hence aggravate the problem.

Dental Teeth Whitening at our practice in Essex could knock years off your smile with the latest advances in tooth whitening.

We can use specially designed shields that look like mouthguards that are custom built for your smile that you wear at nightime with the carbamide peroxide gels which penetrates into the dentin and can lighten your teeth up to 3 to 5 shades lighter in a matter of a few weeks.

Alternatively, you could have some laser tooth whitening done at our office with a much stronger peroxide gel to give you a real boost to start things off and then use our home system.

Give us a call on 01375481000 to knock years off your age and make you look even younger!