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Botulinum Toxin in Essex

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Botulinum Toxin is administered by injecting into specific facial areas where it blocks the nerve transmission to selectively paralyse the muscle. The commonly used preparations for wrinkle treatments are Botox, Dysport , Vistabel and Azzalure.

Botulinum Toxin is effective in improving lines or wrinkles due to facial expressions. For example worry lines or frown lines on the forehead and between the eyebows.

In most cases the treatment will take between 10 and 20 minutes. Insulin syringes are used to inject the medication and only a small amounts are used. As a result any discomfort is usually shortlived. It takes 7 to 10 days for the muscle paralysis to manifest.

3 weeks after the first treatment, the effects are reviewed by us at which time any further treatments are discussed or a top up is provided.

Unlike some surgical facelifts, this kind of treatment is very specific and only works on those muscles that are involved in producing the facial lines.
Other muscles are unaffected and this means that the usual facial expressions will be unchanged.
Initially the effects of Botulium Toxin lasts from 3 to 4 months after which time the nerve supplying the facial muscles sends out new sprouts and regenerates. With repeated treatments the effects can last a month ot two longer.

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Botulinum Toxin Treatment – After Care Instructions.

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

You should frown repeatedly for about one hour immediately following the treatment. This will help the treatment to be more effective by increasing the uptake by the targeted muscle groups.

Do not rub the treated areas, stay upright for at least 4 hours and try to avoid sleeping on your face for the first night.

You can gently apply light makeup after the treatment but use a light dabbing motion instead of rubbing or spreading motion for the first day.

Do not have any facial treatments for 7 days after treatment as they may cause ‘ tracking’ of the Botox/Vistabel/Dysport/Azzalure to neighbouring areas.

Side effects of this treatment are rare. Occasionally, temporary drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow may occur, which usually lasts for a few weeks and if longer. will resolve when the effects of the toxin wear off.

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Basic Facts on Antiwrinkle Treatments In Essex

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Basic Facts on Antiwrinkle Treatments in Essex

There are many people who rely on antiwrinkle treatments in Essex in order to maintain a healthier and younger-looking complexion. Some people don’t understand exactly what these treatments offer, and the following discussion will help to clarify a few basic facts. It is important to note that the most common facial concerns are those which can be addressed through non-surgical approaches, and this often includes injections of high-quality products.
The first thing to understand is that antiwrinkle treatments in Essex can easily take ten years off of the overall facial appearance or complexion. Whether a patient is male or female, the results of high-quality antiwrinkle formulas can deliver consistent and reliable results. This is particularly true if the patient has a very thorough and honest consultation with their physician in advance of the procedure. It is best to point out the areas of concern and to ensure that the antiwrinkle treatment can address the problem.
Additionally, any reliable antiwrinkle treatments can be used in a wide range of facial areas to create noticeable improvements. It will not be just a frown line or some “crow’s feet” that are greatly reduced or eliminated by the treatment, but nearly any area on the face that is displaying undesirable signs of aging. The only issues that cannot usually be alleviated or addressed through antiwrinkle treatments are those in which lost resiliency in the flesh is the cause of the complaint. This generally describes the neck and chin areas, and these may not be suitable for antiwrinkle treatments that do not require some sort of surgical technique.
Next, it is important to emphasize the fact that the best antiwrinkle treatments in Essex are not going to cause facial paralysis or a “frozen” look to the face. This is something that many patients fear, but which is never a common result or issue. The treatments will simply provide the patient with a far more rested and healthy complexion due to the fact that the formulas used will provide a bit of an overall “boost” to the skin.
Finally, there are some mild side effects possible from nearly any antiwrinkle treatments and the patient and doctor must discuss these things in great detail before any work is done. The great news is that these effects or issues tend to be relatively mild and require no additional medical care.
If you are looking for antiwrinkle treatments in Essex you are advised to do a bit of comparison “shopping” and identify those providers who offer free consultations in order to discuss the patient’s options.


5 Essential Questions to ask before you have Antiwrinkle Treatment Anywhere??

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Many patients come to our dental offices in Chafford Hundred in Essex to have Botox injections. But if you cannot make it to our office , these are the essential questions you must ask!

1. What brand of botulium do you use and why? Is it a Botulium type A ? Is it FDA approved ?

2.How long have you been using the brand? What is your experience with this brand or botulinium?

3. Where will you inject me and what do you expect the injections to achieve?

4.What results do your patients experience and how long do they last?

5.Will you inject me yourself or will a member of your staff? What are their qualifications?

I hope these questions help you to make the correct and safe decision to your Botox Treatments?

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Botox -the Good , the Bad and the Ugly in Essex !

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Some possible adverse effects of Botox injections can be avoided or minimised with the correct training and placement of the toxin. We have been trained at Chafford Hundred Dental Care by some of the worlds best tutors to give you the best possible result.

Some of the possible side effects are

1. Nausea
4.Dry Mouth
6.Pain and swelling at the injection site.
8.Drooping of the eyebrows-ptosis

These complications are usually mild and need no treatment or are easily treatable.
We at Chafford Hundred Dental Care take a very comprehensive medical history and give very strict post operative instructions after the injections.

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Botox Injections- Essex Favourite Cosmetic Procedure!

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Facial Botox Injections are the most frequent cosmetic procedure done in Essex and the most understood. Many patients thinking about Botox injections for the very first time are naturally a little apprehensive as they think that their face will be paralysed and have no expression. They do not want to have the look of a Stepford Wife! We at Chafford Hundred Dental Care always reassure our patients that this is not the case.

Botox is instead is a brilliant way to minimise deep facial lines and give your face a more rested and youthful look whilst still preserving both your natural appearance and the ability to express yourself.

We can use Botox to shape your eyebrows, lift the corners of your mouth and enhance the look of your lips.

We predominately use Botox in our practice in Essex to minimise your frown lines between the eyes- the Glabellar Region, the surprise horizontal lines in the forehead and the crows feet lines around the eyes.

Regular use of Botox Injections will keep your skin smooth in these areas better than any expensive creams you buy from a department store.

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Botox In Essex with Azzalure!

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

We have introduced many services at our dental practice, but the most popular has been without a shawdow of a doubt has been the introduction of Botox- Botulinium toxin for non surgical treatment of wrinkles.

These tiny little wrinkles- also know as Rhytids- can add years to your facial features- can be treated very easily at your next dental appointment with us.

Thus, not only can we whiten your teeth to make you look younger, we have the skill and expertise to make you look up to 10 years younger.

We can diminish the lines around your face with painless Botox Injections .

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