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How to straighten your teeth in 6 Months with the 6 Month Smile Brace?

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

How to straighten your teeth in 6 Months with the 6 Month Smile Brace?

Those who have misaligned teeth or imperfect bite could straighten their teeth with the help of many temporary devices. Based on the kind of problem teeth have, whether it is awry teeth, wide gaps or crooked bite, the orthodontist would evaluate the situation of the patient and recommend the type of removable equipment the teeth would need.
Braces are one such temporary useful devices. They are being used since decades for solving a variety of teeth problems like misaligned lower or upper jaws, crooked teeth and treatment for conditions of temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Quite a lot of people grow up having teeth that have not developed evenly or properly, lower and upper jaws not being of same size and pressure being caused by TMJ. Teeth could be moved to right positions, jaws could be straightened and smiles could be improved with braces.
Different types of braces are now available for more discerning population in recent times. These include standard metallic braces that come with metallic brackets and wires, ceramic braces that have brackets made from the ceramic material and transparent braces that are custom designed so that they are almost invisible. The invisible braces are very popular amongst adults. They are known as Invisalign.
Yet another kind of brace has taken the market by storm lately. This new model does not require a lengthy time period like 2 to 4 years to show the desired results. When people first come across the 6 month smile brace they generally react with disbelief and suspicion. How could the uncomfortably long time period that is necessary for achieving a great smile be reduced to just six months?
In spite of skepticism and speculative responses, orthodontists have come to the defense of the six month smile brace quickly. These braces are installed with the help of up-to-the-minute technology and latest techniques for straightening teeth quickly and in extremely safe manner. The six month smile brace is not looked upon as an alternative for thorough and comprehensive orthodontic treatment. However it is ideal for people who are short of time and in need of the perfect smile as soon as possible.
Among the components that are used in the six month smile brace are special nickel-titanium wires. Teenagers and adults alike might worry that these braces might appear strange like a mouth full of metal however they do not have to be very concerned. The brace generally comes with brackets that have color same as the teeth. It will barely be visible to other people unless they look closely to find teeth bound in the six month brace.
Usually traditional braces require patients to use hard clear plastic trays for aligning teeth. As the six month smile brace uses wires and brackets that are nearly invisible, patients do not have to undergo difficult procedures such as taking out the braces before commencing a meal. The best part is that these braces are to be worn only for 6 months!
The brace uses light force for aligning the teeth gently. This might result in temporary discomfort like tightness. This could be tackled by pain relievers available over-the-counter. As minimal force is applied on the teeth and the six month smile brace is to be won for just six months, it does not damage the gums or teeth. It also costs much less than the traditional braces.

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