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Popular Six months orthodontics treatment

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Popular Six months orthodontics treatment

Six months orthodontics
treatment has become an extremely popular choice with the patients and dentists alike in the recent times. This refers to the teeth treatment which is completed generally within six months. This treatment is an amalgamation of age old treatments, new materials and latest techniques available for the dentistry treatments.

While the dentists do not claim to complete all orthodontics treatments within six months, a large variety and most sought after treatments can be treated. The basic technique for these treatments is to put gentle pressure on the teeth constantly to push them in the right position.

A large number of patients visit a dentist to get a better smile on their faces. This usually does not involve too complicated problems like crowding, open bite, deep bite, straightening of teeth etc. these problems can easily be resolved through six months of orthodontic treatment. Some treatments may last for only 4-5 months while others may take a bit longer than six months. However, the average tenure hovers around six months.

Contrary to popular belief, six months treatment is not more painful than the regular one. It may be less painful since very little pressure is put on the teeth to bring them in the desired position. Exerting high pressure on the teeth may actually slow down the treatment.

Another question generally asked by patients is whether this six months orthodontics treatment using high technology wires may cause root resorption. This is completely baseless. First of all researchers have not been able to establish a correlation between duration of braces and root absorption. Different studies have different findings. The fact is root resorption is based on the individual’s constitution. And in any case resorption tends to increase with longer use of braces. Hence it is safe to presume that in shorter duration of about six months the probability of root resorption is lesser as compared to the regular orthodontic treatment.

Six months orthodontics treatment is being used increasingly by the dentists for variety of treatments. Question that arises is whether it is suitable for all kinds of treatments. The answer is no. This treatment is not recommended for complicated orthodontics treatments. It is generally not recommended for TMJ treatments, migraine healing and for patients who are looking at drastic profile changes. In such cases surgery only is recommended.

However six months orthodontics treatment is the best treatment available as of now for usual aesthetic problems that are treated by dentists all over the world as bread and butter problems. This includes giving a perfect smile, taking care of crowding, straightening of teeth etc.

Six months orthodontics
treatment can be done using metallic wires as well as clear wires. Clear wires may appeal to people who do not want the world to know that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Sometimes elastic is also used by the dentist as and when required. It generally involves visit to a doctor once a month.

Six months orthodontics treatment is a safe, less time consuming method with great results to showcase its success.