The Six Month Smile In Essex – A Innovative Way To Smile

A new innovation and a complete new twist to the already tried and tested orthodontic world is the Six month smile in Essex. Till date it was debated that, to have straight and healthy teeth and subsequently a great smile, the only effective method was the usage of braces. But Six month smile in Essex has proved this wrong. It has taken the basics and the positive aspects of braces, gave a complete new face to the treatment and the different materials used. Now we have a cosmetic solution that is both practical as well as an easy fit into the modern lifestyle of the adult world.
What Exactly Is The Six Month Smile In Essex?
Six month smiles is a set of clear braces with tooth colored wires that are very small. This treatment usually takes about 4 to 9 months and is cheaper than traditional braces. Here you have your teeth repositioned with almost no pain. This six month smile technology uses the latest methods of dentistry to reposition your teeth in a swift and safe manner. The main aspect of this treatment method is the usage of special nickel titanium wires and it focuses on repositioning those teeth that show while you smile in a better way.
Advantages of the Six Month Smile in Essex:
• You won’t have a mouth full of metals for the whole period of the treatment. The tooth-colored braces are barely visible and some holds good with the wired too. These can never be compared with the metal braces.
• This treatment method is much more comfortable than the traditional braces. The Six month smile in Essex uses a very low force that aids in comfortable movement of your teeth. Irrespective of the popular myth that accelerated treatment involves in tightening of regular braces, six month smile doesn’t involve such methods. This treatment method is purely based on the mechanics of orthodontic methods. But here, the emphasis and focus is more on the appearance of teeth more than the biting position.
• There are absolutely no risks associated with this method of treatment other than those associated with the conventional orthodontics. In the Six month smile in Essex, the braces used are lighter and extraction of teeth seldom happens. Hence, the risks involved are fewer than that of traditional dentistry practice.
You will have to wear a retainer as part of this treatment so as to maintain the straight positioning of your teeth. Here, there are various types of retainers to select from and you can select them as per your choice.
But the Six month smile in Essex is not suitable for all. You will need to consult your dentist to find if this treatment method is suitable for you. While most of the treatment methods take 6 full months, some cases may get completed in 5 months and some may take more than 6 months. But given the fact that the traditional treatment methods take 2+ years, this time period seems a price worth paying.


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