Six month braces in Essex give you a beautiful smile

Six month braces in Essex give you a beautiful smile

We as human beings have the ability to express sadness and happiness through our facial features. This ability is what makes us different from all the other species around us. One of the most prominent features of the face that comes to light when one feels happy is the teeth. A good set of white teeth add a lot of value to the smile and make the whole conversation pleasant bringing out the best in every individual. But sometimes due to poor alignment of teeth this might be challenging and can remain a dream for many. Dream no further and look no more, the solution is here. Six month braces in Essex are the one stop solution for all the teeth alignment issues that you have always longed to get fixed.

The six month braces in Essex is an excellent treatment which involves the usage of invisible braces that are more cosmetically appealing and do not invite unwanted attention of your friends who would otherwise stare at your braces while you talk to them or when you eat. The six month braces in Essex are also very easy to clean and maintain as opposed to the traditional braces that can be quite a hassle with food particles getting stuck in places that are tough to clean. This treatment which initially originated in the US and which has seen a tremendous growth of popularity has now spread to the UK and is seeing a lot of demand here as well. The usage of less force to realign the teeth to the desired location is also one of the biggest advantages as compared to the traditional braces that can cause a lot of damage to the gums because of high force being applied in the method. To explain this further, the six month braces in Essex involves the application of a very little amount of force on the teeth to direct it towards realignment to the desired location. Through this the orthodontic roots of the teeth do not fall under pressure thereby fostering the movement of the teeth to the desired location as opposed to the traditional braces system wherein a lot of force is applied to the gums of the teeth which can result in the orthodontic roots getting damaged. Once these undergo damage it might take weeks and in some cases even months before it heals which slows down the movement of the teeth.

The six month braces in Essex treatment has been known to clear the teeth alignment issue in a time period of 6 months on average and thus the name. This is a huge leap as compared to the time frame that traditional braces take in getting the tooth aligned which might take up to a year in some cases. The initiation of this treatment is also pretty simple which starts off with a couple of x-rays for the doctor to understand the current teeth profile of the patient. The Six Month Braces in Essex is an orthodontic solution that has proven to be the answer for a number of people who have always dreamt of flashing beautiful smiles.

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