Hidden braces to improve dental health

Hidden braces to improve dental health

Braces are devices used in aligning and straightening the teeth to position them according to a person’s bite. Braces improve dental health. They help in correcting under bites, over bites, cross bites, malocclusions, open bites, deep bites and other flaws of jaws and teeth. There are many types of braces which people can choose. Braces made of plastic or ceramics are also preferred by some people. Some people prefer aligners in place of traditional braces. Some opt for Hidden Braces also known as lingual braces. These braces are fixed from inner part of the teeth. Wires and brackets are still used but these wires and brackets cannot be seen by others. They are different from the ceramic or traditional braces. Hidden Braces are customized brackets built for each and every tooth. Cement is used to fix each bracket to the tooth and with the help of arch wire the brackets are threaded. No one will come t know that you are wearing brackets unless you tell them as they are hidden behind your teeth. Lingual means the tooth surface near the tongue and that is the place these braces are placed. They are the only braces behind the teeth which are 100% custom made according to the shape of your teeth and treatment.

• The models made from the impressions of your teeth are scanned in a computer. Your doctor will determine and examine your needs and decide the course of action.
• Advanced technology is used in creating braces for you. Every bracket and wire is made to fit your teeth properly, depending on the prescription prescribed by the doctor.
• Braces are fixed by the orthodontist when the appointment is taken.
• Their working is same as the regular braces.
• They are cosmetically better than the traditional braces.
• Food caught in the braces does not usually show to the other people.
• There is minimal discomfort.
• People take much longer time to become familiar with hidden braces. Initially a lot of discomfort is felt by the tongue which runs into them off and on. You take long to adjust your mouth and get used to talking with wires and brackets.
• Taking care of these braces is difficult. As they are on the back side it is harder to clean them. Cleaning these braces take more time than the usual ones.
• You will not come to know if something has got stuck in the braces easily. There might be something hanging in the mouth and you might not get aware of it easily.
• These braces are customized according to every tooth therefore they are more expensive.
• It needs an experienced orthodontist to install them with extra training.
No matter which ever method you use there is an adjustment period. They are more stable than ceramic braces as they are customized for every tooth and each tooth is getting special orthodontic care. It depends totally on the wearer which braces they would like to choose be it hidden braces or the traditional braces.


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