6 Month Smiles Braces straighten teeth fast

6 Month Smiles Braces straighten teeth fast

What are the 6 month smiles braces all about? Suppose you had walked into a dentist’s office many years ago asking about alternatives to get your teeth straightened in just 6 months, chances are that you would have been laughed out of the office. On the other hand, you could assume that the clerics and philosophers would have given Galileo similar reaction when he advocated the theory of heliocentricity amidst all controversy of this theory. It looks as if for each seemingly preposterous idea that is put forth by a principled person, science and time can work out a way for making it real.

When it comes to the field of dentistry, braces made of metal are thought of as conventional treatment for teeth that are crooked. The conventional design of such braces makes use of metal brackets and wiring that are fixed to front of every tooth. The process of straightening occurs when metal brackets and wiring are tightened. Hence the wearer is required to make many visits to dentist in order to have the braces tightened time and again. To top that, majority of the dentists advise patients to use braces for 1 – 2 years. This means that the wearers have to bear 1 – 2 years of discomfort, pain and occasional cuts courtesy metal material. In spite of prolonged discomfort borne by users, time after time braces have been seen to be effective.
Among the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry currently is the fast braces commonly known as 6 month smiles braces method. The name explains everything. These braces are only to be worn for a very short period of time as compared to conventional metal braces. Besides the time factor, materials that are used in designing the brace are more comfortable as compared to traditional ones. Tooth colored brackets and nickel wiring is used in place of metal. There are many similarities between these braces and the traditional braces however, capability of sliding of the former allows for faster and easier straightening of the crooked teeth.
6 month smiles braces treatment is relatively new however it is catching on quickly. It is offered by top notch cosmetic dentists. The chief benefits of these braces are as follows.
Brackets and wires are small, discreet and tooth colored.
Cost of these braces is around half of the invisible or traditional braces.
Duration of treatment is lowered by 75% as compared to the conventional treatment.
The teeth are not drilled as in most cases where veneers are used.
There is hardly any discomfort.
The main disadvantage of this treatment is that it is not able to correct problems that involve molar teeth. Major bite issues can be corrected only on using the conventional metal braces. It normally takes 2 to 3 years for the effects to show.
When the treatment ends the patient has to wear a retainer. This could be fixed retainer that is bonded to the teeth’s back surfaces or removable retainer which is worn for many nights every week for preventing teeth from being pushed backwards after the treatment.
Though main bite problems cannot be corrected, the latest method is an amazing way of correcting several positional problems fairly discreetly and quickly.

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