How to straighten your crooked teeth with the 6 Month Brace

How to straighten your crooked teeth with the 6 Month Brace

Do you feel embarrassed to smile because of your crooked teeth? Are you looking for a way to emanate self-confidence and look your best? Then you need not look further. The 6 Month Brace is the answer. Read on to know more about it.
The 6 Month Brace is an orthodontic cosmetic treatment that is suitable for patients aged 15 and above. Six months is all it takes for most cases to be completed. Some people are even treated in a shorter time span. Different cases would require more time however even such cases are usually treated in 8 to 9 months.

Most patients opt for orthodontic treatment when the chief complaint is related to aesthetics of teeth, for example, gaps or spaces between teeth, crooked teeth, etc. Though some people might have complaints associated with concerns of facial profile, headaches or TMJ problems, most people want to enhance their smiles. Goal of the 6 month brace is to give people great smiles. It is similar to bonding, porcelain veneers and other procedures of cosmetic dentistry. In this procedure they are aligned orthodontically to right position as opposed to preparing them and bonding veneers made of porcelain to them. The bite is also changed but the principal focus of the treatment is anterior improvement of front teeth. Usually this solves main complaint of patients and offers desired outcome – great smile.
Here is how the 6 month brace works
The 6 month brace is combination of time-tested orthodontic procedures that are being used in new exciting ways. Some techniques are being used for more than 60 years now. They are well-documented in orthodontic literature. They were pieced together in 1980s and technologies for implementing them are now being made available. Key component of 6 month brace procedure is use of advanced nickel titanium arch wires. They exert continuous light force for moving teeth gently to desired position.
Besides crooked teeth, does the 6 month brace work on crowded teeth?

The chief complaint that is the most common in patients in need of orthodontic procedures is crowding. The 6 month brace treats crowded teeth very well. How is space gained for fitting all teeth in the arch? Usually crowded cases involve large teeth present in small arch or jaw. In a lot of cases, just rounding and developing constricted arch offers sufficient room for aligning crowded teeth. Certain severe cases would need enamel reproximation (mild polishing between teeth, also called reprox or slenderizing) with development of arch for obtaining desired result. Slenderizing has history of 60 years in orthodontics. This is an extremely conservative way of alleviating crowding. The method is painless. Incidence of periodontal disease and tooth decay is also not increased. It helps to increase long-term stability of final outcome by flattening contact-points between teeth slightly.
Does 6 month brace work on under bite, overbite or spaces?
6 month brace works on nearly all types of cases. The case types that could be treated using this technique include deep bites, anterior cross bites, open bites and cases requiring orthodontics before veneer placement, to name just a few.

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