Getting the Perfect Nose Job – The Non-surgical Nose Jobs with Dermal Fillers

Many people do nose jobs for a variety of reasons. There are those who do it as an anti aging procedure; others do it following medical reasons while the rest do it for cosmetic purposes. The common denominator in all these people is the method they choose to achieve their desires. The non-invasive methods are an obvious choice. There are many doctors out there who have to put you under the knife. If you are interested in knowing more about the non-surgical nose jobs with dermal fillers, read on.

Dermal fillers are and can be used to alter the shape of the nose. This is especially so if you would like to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles eventually smoothing out your face. This is an effective way of getting a nose job without having to undergo the painful and invasive surgical procedure. Non surgical nose jobs with dermal fillers are quite effective, easy and quick way. What happens is that the doctor injects dermal filler into the nasal tissue. The doctor then molds the dermal filler into the desired shape that you would like the nose to have. This is a quick procedure that does not require admission into hospital and allows immediate results not to mention that it is almost pain free.

Non Surgical Nose Jobs

Dermal fillers produce immediate results in addition to being fast. This means that you can literally walk in and out of the doctor’s surgery and return to work. The most obvious benefit of this procedure is the confidence boost. If you felt like your nose was stealing the limelight from you, this procedure will improve your confidence levels and your overall facial appearance. The only down side to the non surgical nose jobs with dermal fillers is their longevity. Dermal fillers are not permanent so you will have to get this procedure more than once. They may last up to two years. This essentially means that it may end up being a costly affair by virtue of repeat performances.
Non surgical nose jobs with dermal fillers take around half an hour and can be done without an aesthetician although for those who desire some form of numbing, dental cream can be administered beforehand. There may be some local swelling that will subside in about two days. Rarely does bruising occur. The best persons to go through this procedure would be post skin cancer patients. Those who do not want to undergo surgery are the ones who need their bridges widened and those who need the tip of their noses reshaped. Patients who have noses that have bumps on the bridge and whose nasal strip has protruded or has enlarged are perfect candidates for this procedure too. If you have scar on the nose or very thin skin on the nose areas that need treatment, then this procedure is contraindicated.

Be sure to talk in detail with your doctor to find out the cost implications and most importantly your expectations and hopes. There can be no worse feeling than that of disappointment after spending so much of time, money and resources only to end up looking worse than before the procedure. If you are interested in changing your nose without having to undergo surgery, then the Non surgical nose jobs with dermal fillers is the way to go.


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