Smile Makeover in Essex

Smile Makeover in Essex

Do you always find it embarrassing smiling in front of a crowd or did you completely stop smiling just because you think your teeth are embarrassing? Well, there is help for you. A smile makeover will be all you need to get that confidence to smile and keep smiling without limits.

What is smile makeover and why do you need it?

A smile makeover is basically a procedure that helps restore or otherwise improve the shape and appearance of your mouth, lips and teeth. Such a procedure can be used to resolve various mouth defects including:

Flawed gums: Corrective cosmetics can be used to improve the general health and appearance of gums and gum lines.
Stained or discolored teeth: Usually your teeth color will depend on your age, hair color and skin tone. The younger one is, the whiter the teeth are expected to be. With age, teeth color tends to change sometimes but such can be changed by getting a good quality dental or smile makeover in Essex. Veneers can be used to restore discolored or stained teeth. On this, you will want to get the kind of makeover that will match with your teeth.
Teeth chips or cracks crooked: Teeth chips and crooked teeth can be restored by adding veneers to the spaces between the teeth or to appear more straight and better aligned.
Shifted teeth.
Missing teeth: Cosmetics can be used to fill spaces left by missing teeth. The spaces can be filled with natural looking veneers to give an impression of a tooth filled gum line.
Visible teeth fillings.
What determines the best smile makeover for you?
Smile makeover can involve various corrective procedures to correct different defects and for different results. Depending on your needs, you can get procedures for dental crowns, tooth whitening, dentures teeth implants, dental veneers among others. Some of the things to determine the right procedures for your smile makeover in Essex include
The shape of your face. Often, your face will determine your tooth shape. For instance, one with a rounded shape needs teeth that will kind of bring a slimming effect on the face. As such, such an individual needs longer, square shaped teeth for such an effect.

Age. As one ages, the teeth tend to become shorter, discolored and often kind of weakened. Restorative smile makeover can help one get longer looking, whiter and healthy teeth and gum lines for a more youthful look.

Results. So what do you hope to achieve through your restorative dental procedures. Tooth whitening for discolored or stained tooth, healthier gums, tooth fillings or overall restoration of both the shape and size of your teeth? Different procedures will be used for different results and therefore, it will be helpful pre-determining the kind of results you desire before settling for any of procedures for smile makeover.

If you think or have been hiding youth teeth behind your hands every time you have a laugh just because you think your teeth are not the best to show off, it is time you get a smile makeover in Essex and raise your self-confidence.

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