ClearStep Braces – How Are They A Good Substitute Over Conventional Braces?

For the last few decades, the only solution for people with misaligned teeth was to undergo the conventional orthodontic treatment of wearing metallic braces. These braces worked well for almost everyone due to the lack of any good alternative treatment method. But now, thanks to the developments in technology and various laboratory tests, one has come up with various types of braces. One of them is called ClearStep Braces, which is based on the conventional orthodontic methods but has a modern touch to it.

ClearStep braces are a set of unique orthodontic appliances which constitutes of a series of clear trays that are graduated. These are custom made and fit in to the patient’s teeth which helps to reorder the teeth in a particular alignment. As these trays are clear, they are practically invisible when they are worn by the patients. Also you can easily remove these trays while you are eating and drinking and enjoy a normal meal. These ClearStep braces also let you do proper flossing and brushing of teeth that was not possible with conventional system. Proper Flossing and brushing was almost impossible while wearing conventional metal braces. This was because of the various wires, brackets and elastics one had to wear all the time. With these clear braces, even this is made simple. You can promptly take of the braces, brush/floss properly and pop them back onto your teeth.

ClearStep Treatment Method:

First consult your Dentist about your teeth misalignment. Your Dentist will inspect your teeth and make sure if they are fit enough to go through an orthodontic treatment. Then moulds will be made for your teeth and your gums to make sure that the trays will stay fit and proper in your mouth. The advantage is that these trays are made of light weight and invisible material, which you can continue wearing while performing your daily activities without the hindrance of any metal braces.

Various Advantages of Clearstep Braces over Conventional Braces:

• There are no irritations or discomfort associated, unlike metal braces which cause friction.

• These are invisible and can be worn any time.

• These braces are easy to handle and don’t require expert care each time. Unlike metal braces that are very hard to handle.

• You can easily remove your ClearStep braces when you are out for a dinner or some meeting.

• This type of braces protects your teeth surface enamel wear unlike metal braces which grind them and make them weak.

• When wearing metal braces, many people complain about white spot damage on their teeth due to prolonged wearing. This is not the case with ClearStep Braces.

• No Enamel decalcification occurs here.

ClearStep braces are innovative and very effective form of modern orthodontic treatment. Through this treatment method, you can easily realign your misaligned teeth into a straight line and also fill in any of the gaps between the teeth. Consult your doctor today to find out if ClearStep can help bring back that beautiful smile of yours.


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