Getting Botox in Essex

You may not know this but the cosmetic benefits of botox were discovered by accident. It was originally created as a muscle relaxant but then the inventor noted how it was able to smooth wrinkle lines. However once this accidental discovery was made it has since become a very popular treatment. This is not longer exclusive to Hollywood, now you can get botox in Essex!

How does botox work?

People are often nervous about using cosmetic surgery to smooth wrinkles.

This is fair enough as a lot of cosmetic surgery is potentially risky. Ideally you want to find alternative solutions that have been found to work.

Botox is a non surgical procedure using material that is injected underneath your skin. This uses a toxin known as botulinum (which is why it is often simply known as “botox”.)

In simple terms Botox blocks the nerve signals that create wrinkles and lines on the face, in effect preventing the formation of the wrinkles and lines before they happen.

A toxin? That doesn’t sound safe!

People are used to associating the word “toxic” with dangerous. However in this case it is important to emphasise that botulinum is purified before any procedures take place.

Where can you use Botox?

Botox can be used in a number of areas. It is mostly associated with smoothing lines on the forehead but is also effective in removing lines that develop around the eyes, mouth and the middle of the face as well.

How long do the effects last?

Botox works immediately but you will usually be able to see visible improvement a couple of days afterwards. The effects can last for a few months so you can schedule injections as necessary.

Does it hurt?

In simple terms no! People can often get back to work pretty much as soon as the procedure is finished with no ill effects.

How do I know if Botox is suitable for me?

The best way before starting any procedure is to discuss it with an experienced cosmetic practitioner. There have been some stories in the media about botched operations. However these are often done by people who are not experienced or are not properly certified.

Experienced practitioners like Dr Basrai are willing to sit down and discuss how the process works and discuss any concerns you may have. Book now so you can find out more and decide if Botox is right for you.

For a free consultation with Dr Basrai and his team – call 01375481000 now!


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