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The Benefits of Flexible Dentures.

Friday, January 25th, 2013

The benefits of flexible dentures

People generally associate dentures with being fixed and rigid. There is often the mental image of old men in cartoons losing their comically oversized false teeth. Fortunately modern technology has meant that there are more advanced styles of dentures available in order to ensure that you can lead as normal a life as possible.

What are flexible dentures?

As the name suggests flexible dentures are ones that are not as rigid as other models. This is achieved by using more flexible materials rather than traditional acrylic.

Why should I choose flexible dentures?

Flexible dentures offer several benefits over more rigid dentures-

More translucent material makes them less easy detect and more natural looking
While they may be more flexible there is enough rigidness to ensure they will not move about in your mouth or feel loose
The lightness also makes them more comfortable in the mouth and can improve speech
Make chewing easier
Do not require adhesives

Are flexible dentures right for me?

One potential stumbling block with flexible dentures is budget. This is because the resin costs more to produce than with rigid dentures. However as with any form of treatment the benefit in the long term often outweighs spending more in the short term.

Initial consultations with your dentist are an effective way of gauging whether or not they are suitable for your personal needs. Other treatments such as implants or veneers may be more appropriate depending on your condition.

How can I be sure they have been correctly fitted?

A concern people have is that because people with flexible dentures feel less pain as they bite they may not spot irregularities as soon as people with rigid dentures. The solution to this is to get regular checkups with your dentist.

As with any procedure it is important to check the certification of the dentist to ensure they are properly trained to fit fixed dentures.
With any procedure it is vital to be fully aware of the process. Most dentists understand that getting dentures can be a big step and some people are still afraid of the stigma that comes with it. However if you properly look after them and use them as directed then it is unlikely that they will come loose in an awkward situation or prevent you from doing anything that you would do normally.

In short if you want to know more about flexible dentures book an appointment today to see if they can benefit you!