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Advantages Of Clear Aligners For Teeth Over Conventional Braces

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Everyone wonders if it is possible to get their teeth straightened without wearing those metal braces which gives anyone a geeky or a nerdy look. Who will want to be the centre of bully and tease, wearing the bulky metal braces while everyone else is running around smiling their beautiful smiles? Thanks to technological advancement in dentistry, there is less need to worry about this now. Recent years have seen various technological improvements in the field of orthodontics and one such development is the Aligners for teeth.
Aligners for teeth have a clear advantage over conventional braces at any given time. Commonly, one can see kids and teenagers wearing metal braces. But adults are usually embarrassed of such metal braces and hence invisible aligners for teeth are popular and a major hit among the adults. It is also noted that these aligners are much more comfortable than the traditional braces. Aligners are also removable which means you can easily remove them while brushing your teeth or eating a meal. Actually it is very important to remove these aligners before eating food or drinking anything liquid other than water. Removal of aligners is mandatory while brushing too.
As part of using aligners for teeth treatment, you will also undergo computerized treatment planning. This planning is needed to calculate and monitor the time period of your treatment and the resulting smile. This planning also allows you to check the progress and to decide if you want to proceed with the treatment.
The major advantage of aligners for teeth is that, it avoids most of the side effects that arise when one uses the traditional braces. Apart from the advantages on cosmetic grounds, it also reduces the damage on supporting tissues and gums. When you are using non removable conventional metal braces, you may get affected with demineralization and tooth decay. Also it is noted that metal braces shorten the teeth roots, making them weak and vulnerable. But when you take aligners for teeth, very less force is used and hence there are no such side effects and also no pain is involved.
The other advantage of aligners for teeth is the time period of the treatment. While a conventional tooth straightening by metal braces takes about 3 – 5 years, aligners take only 1 – 1.5 years for the whole treatment. These are also very comfortable and much faster.
One another advantage of aligners for teeth is that these are clear and almost unnoticeable. It is noted that even the patients tend to not to notice that they are wearing any aligners in their mouth. They are easily removable by the user itself and you don’t need expert care each time you remove the aligners. These aligners reduce the chance of any type of gum disease, cavities or scars on the teeth.
Aligners for teeth are smooth and don’t have any sharp edges, wires or hooks to poke your cheeks. They are not irritable like normal braces. And you even have the advantage of removing them, if you don’t want to feel conscious in a really important social event.