The Inman Aligner In Essex And Dental Bridges – Difference Between The Two Treatments

Dental imperfections are not a story of rarity. In fact they are very common and almost 1 of every 10 people you meet daily will have such problems. But, thanks to the recent advances in the cosmetic industry, this is no more a major issue. Now you have solutions to almost every dental problem you can think off; right from crooked teeth, chipped tooth to a missing tooth.

The two popular orthodontic treatments that are available for everyone are dental bridges and the Inman Aligner in Essex. These are particularly helpful to those who want to improve their looks. These are cosmetic procedures which help you to improve your facial shape and also reduce tooth decay and any kind of gum diseases.

Dental bridges are false teeth that are used to replace the missing teeth and are attached to the teeth on the either side. These act as a bridge between the teeth and actually fill the gap. They are made of porcelain and are bonded with metals like gold, silver etc. If you consult a good orthodontist and if the dental treatment is proper, a dental bridge can last up to 15 years.

The Inman Aligner in Essex, on the other hand, is a dental procedure which helps you to straighten your misaligned teeth or a crooked tooth into the desired position. First consult a doctor who has years of experience in the field. Get your teeth thoroughly checked. Only then ask him to recommend the cosmetic surgery process that will be most suitable for you. Many orthodontists prefer the Inman Aligner in Essex over other invisible and clear braces. But you have to note that the Inman Aligner in Essex won’t work on crowded teeth. It will work only for straightening your lower and upper front teeth.

While clear braces work within six months, The Inman Aligner can correct your crooked teeth in weeks. Every orthodontist will suggest you a suitable cosmetic surgery process only after accessing your teeth alignment. After straightening, you will be advised to get a teeth whitening or contouring treatment to brighten up your smile.

The treatment procedure of the Inman Aligner in Essex involves a coiled sprint that is placed behind your teeth and has a bar in front of it. The pressure from both ends will force the teeth to align to the required position. The time take for the Inman aligner procedure varies anywhere between 6 to 16 weeks. This is very less compared to traditional braces where you require 2- 3 years and clear braces that take about 6 months. If you want to fasten up the process even more, it is advised that you wear the Inman aligners for at least 20 hours daily.

The Inman Aligner in Essex has several advantages over other orthodontic procedures. These vary from showing effect within the shortest treatment time to being cheaper than its alternatives. It is also easy to remove these aligners when you want to eat, brush or clean your mouth.


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