How migraine headaches in Essex are treated ?

How migraine headaches treated in Essex?

Migraine headaches in Essex are tackled by migraine clinics. What are they? A migraine or headache clinic specializes in diagnosis as well as treatment of head pain and migraine. These clinics are usually linked to neurology departments in hospitals and are headed by consultant neurologists or doctors having specific expertise and interest in migraine. The staff usually consists of multi-disciplinary teams.
Migraine clinics would be capable of confirming that are attacks are actually migraine.

They would review your present treatment and recommend ways through which you could manage the condition. The staff at these centers tends to boast of extensive expertise on migraine types and latest treatments and would frequently call upon services of the other experts.

Most people who suffer from migraine headaches in Essex and ask for the advice of a doctor are taken care of solely by their general practitioners. There are around 15 to 20 dedicated migraine clinics in the UK.

Unfortunately this is insufficient for serving everyone with migraine and headache.
Further investigation would be required if the problem is not being well-managed or a patient does not respond favorably to treatment.

There are many reasons a GP might refer you to specialist clinic such as doubt about diagnosis of the problem, suspicion of rarer type of the condition, presence of headaches other than migraines that could complicate the diagnosis, no effect of the treatment being given, the headaches or migraines are becoming more frequent or getting worse or at the patient’s request.

All the NHS clinics for migraine would need referral letters from medical practitioners before they could accept new patients. This is in all likelihood to be the family GPs but could also be hospital doctors or healthcare professionals within NHS.

Number of patients a migraine clinic would see depends greatly on the strength of the staff and opening times. Most of the clinics in Essex have waiting lists and most tend to be open for few hours every week. For majority people, first appointment would take some weeks though many clinics boast waiting lists of many months.  

When you take an appointment to migraine clinic for first time, it is advisable to keep diary of the migraine attacks. Keeping record could be extremely beneficial in helping the medical expert get a clear idea of the problem. This is important also because since no particular test exists for diagnosing migraine, a lot would depend on the description you offer.

The diary should have information on the time of the day and day of week when the headache is experienced, frequency of the pain, where it occurs, kind of pain such as piercing, throbbing, etc., occurrence of other symptoms like having problems of vision or being sick, duration of the attacks, the treatment you undergo and effectiveness of the treatment.
The doctor would need doses and names of medications you have taken before.

This would include complementary treatments like herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. and herbal remedies you have attempted. The more information you give about your condition, the easier it would be for the doctor to treat your migraine headaches in Essex.  

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